Filipino Language Tutorial 004: Top 6 Basic Vocabulary

I always want to start from the basics. I don’t want to jump into something I don’t know enough. So today, I’ll share to you guys my top 6 pick basic Filipino vocabulary.

Why just six (6)? I don’t want to bombard you with Filipino language. If you notice, I just give you few words and phrases to learn so that you have a week to know and learn it.

 It’s not just Tagalog that I am teaching you guys, but also the Visayan language too. So when I post 4 words it’s actually 8 words that I’m teaching you here in the blog.

This actually remind me way back years ago, I was totally interested with the Spanish language and I got this old book. A book that my father have when he was still a student in college, it’s quite old and antique already.

The book was great and I keep on reading it but my brain just can’t absorb it! I want to learn a lot in a day that everything I read just didn’t go into my head. And now? I only know “hablar espaniol” which means “speak English” or something like that. So let’s take it slowly, but surely!

Let’s start then, the top 6 basic vocabulary are:

                Thank You
                Don’t mention it.
                I’ll leave now
                I’ll get going
                Take Care

To be able to learn this, you must watch the video above where I have done some Filipino to English translation, visayan to English and vice versa.

Hope you enjoy this Filipino language tutorial and see you next time, in the same blog, exotic Philippines!


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