Exotic Philippines: Virginize me!

exotic philippines

My very first post!


Welcome to Exotic Philippines! I am your exotic Philippines blogger, Gay Aida Dumaguing a Filipina who’s been living in the Philippines for my whole life. I was born in Malaybalay, Bukidnon (now a city), grew up in Valencia City, Bukidnon and now residing in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu Philippines.

I have created this blog for me to be able to blog and promote my country, second to help and share to people who want to check out the beautiful country the Philippines and of course, to speak myself out through blogging.

So what to expect in this blog?

exotic philippines
You came here! You visit my blog and click it from somewhere or maybe just discovered it. You’re expecting something then!

So yeah, in this blog hopefully I could be able to update you with the top and hot Philippines news, share some travel tips, Filipino food, Philippines tourist attractions, or anything I could share to you on what you should know about the country.

What’s the plan?

I don’t want to kill myself between blogging and work.  I am still in the middle of weighing things up here so here’s the plan that I have for now: 

Monday will be anything that I could share and discuss with you guys. Anything that I could give you information about that is related to my country, the Philippines. It could be about Filipino love, food, tourist spots or the do & don’ts.

Friday will be our Philippine news day! I would pick the most talked about news here in the Philippines, give my opinion and discuss it.

Virginize your blog!?

Yep! Yep! Yep! Comment down there. Share your thoughts. Express yourself.  Tell me what you think about my blog, my plan, or just speak… Just don’t spam J


Next on Exotic Philippines! Let me teach you some Filipino language!

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