How I Give the Hotel Review and Ratings?

As you might have known, I’ve been doing hotel reviews years on this Exotic Philippines blog. The problem is that some people don’t get how I give my hotel review ratings, and who am I to give a hotel review. Well, let me share a bit about myself and how I do things here in the blog.

Who am I?

Actually, I’m a nobody. I’m just a regular girl. Ever since I was little I’ve been traveling with my parents because I can’t live without my Mama. I hate being away from my Mama, and I think she feels the same way too because instead of going to school she drag me with her on her out of town trips with her colleagues.

With that, I get to travel and stay at hotels. No ordinary hotels too, since it’s an all-expenses paid trip by my parent’s company. Mostly, they’re staying at the 5 star hotels. So, I have the standards to base on since I’m little.

Today, I’m traveling around the Philippines hoping to put my feet everywhere here and there are people who are willing to sponsor me for my trip and I do appreciate each of them. I’m also a Hotel Review Guru Awardee of (now – so sadly that post announcing and confirming that I am what I am claiming can’t be found anymore).

How Exotic Philippines Travel Blog Give the Hotel Review and Ratings

How I Review?

I do ask some hotels for sponsorship, at least an overnight stay. But of course there are some offering me more. It doesn’t mean that when a hotel sponsor me, I keep my mouth shut on things not pleasing about the hotel. I do have a page for my hotel review or sponsorship request and let the sponsors know right away that I do reserve my right to still tell and share the truth about my stay – but so far I have no problems with my stay yet.

No need to treat me like a VIP, I prefer to be treated like any other guests since I do believe that each guests, blogger or not are all VIPs.

How I give Hotel Ratings?

My hotel ratings are not the star rating of the hotel. It’s how I rate my stay at the hotel. No hotel yet have perfected my rating but they’ve been all good so far.

It also doesn’t mean that when a hotel sponsor my stay, I can guarantee that I’ll give you 5 star rating. Again, I reserve my right to keep my own opinion. And yes, my rating is my opinion but yes some people do believe and value it.

There are 5 stars to fill, and 1 star goes to one point that I do believe important for me and that a hotel should have, and they are:


I think everyone will agree that it’s really important that cleanliness of a hotel is really important. From floors, walls, bathroom, toilet, and even the bed sheets, pillows, etc. are all important. A place with a bad odor also speaks that it’s not that clean – and I’ve been to hotels like that and when I look at the back, it was all dusty and a trash may have even been there for months.

Plus, I have eczema, a dusty place is no good for me. I may start scratching after few minutes exposing myself on that. After that, bumps may start appearing and I’ll be scratching it for days which is no good for travel, may just irritate me on any situation.


The whole room itself, I give it a rating. If my basic needs are there, plus how comfortable am I in the room. Don’t forget how comfortable my sleep is in the hotel’s room.

When I was at AurumOne Makati I also realized how important having a good fridge in the hotel, since I was able to keep food in their fridge, especially the ice cream. I don't really need a big fridge in the hotel, I just need a goof fridge with a freezer (for ice cream of course - midnight snack?). So for accommodation owners, you might want to read this article that help you find what you need to know on finding the ideal freezer for your guests.


The bathroom is also another point, from the position of the toilet and the basic toiletry needs, and even how clean the towels are included.


There are some hotels who doesn’t have a restaurant or offer food, so there might be times that this will be taken for considerations. But of course, there are people who wants to know if the hotel offers food, and if their food is at least okay or a must try.


Most importantly, the service. How the front desk entertain and manage your booking, how you’re treated by the staff, how you’re answered when you call, or even how the restaurant staff manage your orders, or anything related to the staff of the hotel.

No matter how perfect the whole hotel is, but if the service is not good nobody wants to stay there.
Also, the rating I give is my personal rating during my stay. You might rate differently, and may find different rates. My rating here on the blog, is also different to my rating on TripAdvisor.

So, that summarize everything about how I give my PERSONAL hotel rating for each hotels I stay at. I think.

There will be more hotel reviews that will be shared on this blog, more hotels will be featured too.

If you’re a hotel wanting or interested to get your hotel be featured on my blog and get a review, please check out the Exotic Philippines Hotel Review Request page.

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