Philippine Tourist Attractions : Let’s Bora-bora in Boracay Philippines!

boracay philippines

Today I will discuss about one of the most talked about Philippine tourist attractions here in the Philippines. Yes, I’m talking about Boracay Philippines.

To be honest with everyone here, I’ve never been to Boracay, not even once. But I know and heard from friends and lots of people that it is totally great spot there.

boracay philippines
Boracay is an island here in the Philippines, you can say its Boracay Island or just call it Boracay. It has been voted and known to have the best beach in the world and became the popular with backpackers and become one of the major Philippine tourist attraction and tourist destination.

The White beach and Bulabog beach is the primary tourism beaches in Boracay Philippines and are located on opposite sides of the island's narrow central area.

The White beach is the main tourism in Boracay Island. It has lined of resorts, hotels, bars, restaurants and other businesses that a tourist would need and love to have in a vacation. You wouldn’t have any problem where to stay, it has lots of luxury hotels to affordable lodging houses. But better to make reservations to ensure that you have a place to stay.

Most of the hotels in Boracay Island has seasonal price levels, for peak seasons don’t expect it to be cheap. The peak season is usually the cool of the northeast wind or what we call “amihan” and of course the holiday seasons like New Year, Chinese new year, Holy week, and Christmas period.

What you can enjoy in Boracay?
boracay philippinesThere are lots of leisure that you can do in Boracay Philippines. You can do snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, cliff diving, kiteboarding, and beach relaxation if you’re a total beach lover or at least just want to enjoy the Boracay Island.

There are also different choices of restaurants, pubs, bars and nightclubs if you want to have some fun.

There are also events like the Boracay International Funboard Cup that usually held on January, the Boracay Open Asia Beach Ultimate Tournament is a Frisbee event that is held on summer (April-May) and the Dragon boat that is usually held somewhere in April or May.

boracay philippinesI am dreaming of coming to Boracay Island but I just can’t afford right now. With my type of work and y income, I just cant. Hopefully this summer, my sister who works in the US will come home and maybe she want to give us a little treat to Boracay Philippines. Would that be great? I could give you guys more some insights in the Boracay Island, so let’s hope for it!


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