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As a travel and lifestyle blog, we've been opening our doors for sponsorship for the blog to be kept alive, be maintained, continue its recognition, and of course be able to function as what it's meant to be.

Blogging and maintaining this blog is not easy, at first this all started as a travel blog but due to situations I mixed it with lifestyle topics to have topics to discuss and post on the blog. There has been quiet a number of businesses who have supported and sponsored the Exotic Philippines blog, to continue in promoting the Philippine tourism and blog about travel.

Business Sponsors of Exotic Philippines

Below you will find the businesses who have been generous and supportive with the Exotic Philippines blog.

Blog Sponsorship Benefits

There might be more for me to offer depending on your type, amount and length of your sponsorship. But surely these are the benefits when you support this Philippines travel blog.
  • Social Media Exposure
  • Free posting of events, promos, discounts and other offers on social media.
  • Free posting of events, promos, discounts and other offers on the blog.
  • Mention to our monthly videos.
  • Free Press Release posting on the blog.

As for length and how many times in a month this will be achieved, it will depend on the equivalent amount and length of your sponsorship. Generous sponsors may also be offered the following:
  • Featured Business (FREE)
  • Business Review (FREE)
  • Monthly  Targeted Promotional Post
  • Exclusive video(s) of the business.
  • and many more....

Sponsor Exotic Philippines

Exotic Philippines will always be open for any businesses who wish to be one of these amazing and supportive sponsors, no matter where you are, no matter what you do, as long as you can take benefit of this blog and Exotic Philippines could help you, we love to hear from you.

If you're interested to sponsor the blog, I personally offer a lot of benefits for you. As a blogger, I accept any kind of sponsorship (cash, free service, flight, free hotel stay, dining, travel tools, travel gadgets, etc.) that you wish to provide. Please just fill up the form below and let me know how you would like to sponsor this blog, and how you want me to help you (or I could offer you a service).