6 Best Places to Drink and Dine in Dublin

Dublin is a great place to visit and should be on everyone’s list of travel destinations. The city has got a lot to offer, whether you’re traveling solo or with a group of friends, for youngsters on a pub hop or families with small children.

The capital of Ireland is filled to the brim with miscellaneous tourist attractions as well as hidden gems that only locals know how to get to. It would take a lifetime to appreciate all of Dublin’s attractions and just as long to share the word about it. So today we’ll keep our focus on all the amazing places to eat and drink in Dublin.

Getting around Dublin

But first, you’ll have to think about how to find your way around Dublin. Even though it’s a relatively small city, occupying an area of 115 square kilometers, it may not be so easy to get around Dublin. The streets of Dublin form an intricate maze, as is often the case with old European cities, so unless you’re accompanied by a local, it’s best to use a taxi service just so you make sure you’re going exactly where you’re intending.

The Temple Bar

This place is not just your regular pub where you go with your buddies at the end of the week to drink your sorrows away. The Temple Bar is a whole conglomerate of pubs for all tastes and wallet sizes, snuggled in between the River Liffey and Dame Street in central Dublin. It’s a popular tourist destination, known as the “cultural quarter” of Dublin and the center of its nightlife. Some pubs that are worth visiting in the area are The Temple Bar Pub, The Oliver St. John Gogarty, The Foggy Dew, and Bad Bobs.

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Tip! When ordering at a bar, if you want to try out some different beer brands, make sure to specify that you don’t want a Guinness. If you simply say that you want a stout, Guinness is what you’ll get 9 times out of 10.

The Landmark

The Landmark is praised for its atmospheric interior, friendly staff, and great food. It’s popular with Dubliners and tourists alike, as their go-to venue for birthday celebrations or weekly outings with friends. The Landmark has a local feel to it, serving mostly Irish and European cuisine. The overall aesthetic of the place, occupying three floors of a 19th-century building, and live music add up to the wholesome experience.

Fun fact! The Landmark went through an identity crisis, which resulted in the place changing its name a few too many times. Originally known as The Cornerstone, they rebranded themselves as Karma, soon after settling on a middle ground and once again changing the name, this time to The Karma Stone. Finally, they settled on the name The Landmark as if to have it represent the significance of the place to its patrons.

Mulberry Garden

If you have a little more money to burn and want to go somewhere fancy, then Mulberry Garden might be just the right place for you. They really try to keep up with the times and be inclusive. They offer vegan as well as gluten-free options, so if you’ve got any dietary restrictions, you won’t have to worry about going hungry. Mulberry Garden offers private rooms upstairs, so it’s perfect for special occasions or private family celebrations.

Queen of Tarts

This relaxing cafe makes you want to just sit back and spend a few delightful hours enjoying freshly brewed coffee and a little something for your sweet tooth. They’ve got sweets, muffins, scones, brownies, and all kinds of delicious cakes to choose from; all served on cute Victorian style tableware. Queen of Tarts offers a lot of savory food options as well, so it’s a popular place to get brunch. If you ever find yourself in Dublin, this place is definitely worth stopping by.

SOLE Seafood and Grill

Being a bay city, of course, you’d expect Dublin to have excellent fish and seafood restaurants, and SOLE is probably the best place to get seafood in Dublin. All the food is so fresh you have to watch out for it not to crawl off your plate. The Connemara oysters, octopus and sole skewers, and the seafood tower are just some of the must-have dishes that you should try here. The staple of the restaurant is the local cuisine, but they offer European food as well, and there are vegetarian and vegan options available.

Here are just a few of the pubs and restaurants in Dublin worth your while. No matter if you’re a foodie, who knows their way around truffles and foie gras, or just someone on the look-out for a place to quickly grab something to eat, you’ll come to appreciate these places.

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