5 Must Visit Spots in Cebu Safari & Adventure Park

Want to visit the Cebu Safari and Adventure Park yet you want to know which part of the property to prioritize? Then let me share with you the best spots I love there, that I also think your kids will enjoy.

With 170 hectares, and hundreds to maybe thousands of steps to cover, you might not be sure which part of the Cebu Safari to go first or that you must really check out. But during my visit with fellow Cebu travel bloggers, we were able to roam around with their kids and enjoy the best of Cebu Safari & Adventure Park.

To be able to make out the most on your day trip to Cebu Safari, here are the 5 must visit spots in Cebu Safari and Adventure Park!

#1 Aviary Dome

The Aviary Dome is my favorite part of the park. Thought the birds there got their eyes on me, and seems don’t want me around, I actually like that I hear them, roaming around, even walking, flying through me too!

I actually realized I dreamed about that moment, even that bird who is staring at me the whole time.

Check out their somewhat canopy to get a higher view and get a chance to be closer to the birds.

#2 African Savanna

Although you’ll be taking a safari ride for this, and not walking among them (for your own safety), you’ll totally enjoy the quick tour and seeing Zebras, Waterbuck, Elands, and more in somewhat like African setting. They’re just freely roaming around, even babies are being crazy there and having fun – and I mean the babies of the animals there not yours.

The African Savanna is open from 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM, so make sure you’re able to make there within that time.

#3 Bird Show

I’ve seen bird shows, my first was when I was 10 at Hong Kong Ocean Park and I was amazed by these birds. So that has been my standard, and I’m not a big fan of bird shows. But they got me for that show, my friends who have been to Singapore and watched the bird show did say that is the same fun, clean, and interactive with the ones in Singapore. So no need to go to Singapore, just book a ticket to Cebu and check out Cebu Safari and Adventure Park!

The Bird Show starts at 1:45 PM on Wednesday – Saturday, and 10:45 AM & 1:45 PM on a Sunday.

#4 Safari Outpost

The Safari Outpost is where we chill for hours and talk since they have the nearby restaurants there, and if you don’t like the menu of the other, you can just walk and check out the other. But we never left the Outpost restaurant because of the Meerkats – I fall in love with those guys. But other than that you’ll get a great view of the Giraffes.

Tip: check out the back of the Outpost restaurant, there’s a stairs there going up, and you can be at the same level with the Giraffe’s head, and they put food there too for the Giraffes, and you get to be close with them.

#5 Tiger Turf

The Tiger Turf is where kids are rawring… no wonder. It’s where the white and/or orange tiger can be found. But there’s a different side that you have to go to, to be able to see them well since I think they do feel shy and don’t want to be seen – and possibly hate rawring kids. LOL.

To be able to help you out more, here’s the updated Cebu Safari and Adventure Park map, I’ll try to update it as much as I can when they do provide a new map for us. I’m saying this, since I do think they’re still expanding and adding more areas for you to enjoy. But this way, you’ll be able to know the route you can take.

5 Must Visit Spots in Cebu Safari and Adventure Park Exotic Philippines Travel Blog Cebu travel vlogger

No worries for those seniors or with kids who are not a fan of walking, their cart is always roaming around to pick you up along the way and help you get you point to point.

Here's a video on our whole experience at Cebu Safari!

Cebu Safari and Adventure park is open every day, even on holidays 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM where last entry or selling of tickets is at 1:30 PM.

Cebu Safari Official Website: https://cebusafari.ph/
Car Rental we used: http://cebutrip.com/

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