Max Palawan - The Best ATV Adventure in Puerto Princesa

While our stay in Blue Palawan resort in Puerto Princesa, we were invited by the owner and of course their staff to go and try their ATV adventure just about 45 minutes away from the Puerto Princesa City. The shuttle from the resort that we stayed at is already included and we’ve got until 2pm to do it, so we were really game for it!

It’s not our first time to do the ATV. If you’ve been reading and following my blog I’ve also tried the ATV ride in Boracay. But it was more on trying it, being able to ride on it, driving it, and not like really using it for the rough road.

So when we saw the video playing on the lobby of the resort about the Max Palawan’s ATV adventure, showing the rough road, the muddy parts, the mountain and the river that you’ll be enjoying made Channel and I looked at each other and was really attracted to wanting to do it.

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About 9 am one of the staff knocked on our door and said that our van is here, and we were joined by the resort’s manager, Max Palawan’s manager (I believe) who is also a photographer, the resort’s guest relations, and 2 other foreigners.

I didn’t have any voice anymore that day due to an allergy (that’s what I found out when I got back home and get to be checked by our family doctor), but my body is still game for more and seeks adventure while our stay in Puerto Princesa Palawan.

It’s hard to explain how it feels, but to summarize it was all worth it. For you to have an idea of what Max Palawan’s ATV adventure has to offer, check out my vlog all about the experience that we had! So you’ll also be able to see if it’s that kind of adventure you want to do when visiting Puerto Princesa City.

If that experience is too extreme for you and still want to try their ATV adventure you have a cheaper and less extreme options. The one we experienced is the most extreme (as of that moment - since they’re planning for more advanced and extreme ones) for only P2,500. For more information, booking, and updated rates please visit their official fan page.

Official Fanpage:
Contact No:+63 920 269 1111

Do I recommend Max Palawan ATV Adventure?

If you want to try the ATV, not afraid to get dirty, love to drive into the mud, and just simply have fun driving through the terrain then go ahead! Our experience with them is actually the highlight of our trip in Puerto Princesa City. It’s the most fun and adventurous that we have since Puerto Princesa Palawan is a laid back, simple, province like city. This one really made our stay there really worth the trip.

I think I love the part where we get dirty, get muddy, and then you feel your arms shake because you need a strong arm stronger than the ATV so you'll not dive into somewhere else. And of course, being able to swim at their private cold river, the Buaya River.

I’m not saying this because they invited us, but because we seek adventure, we loved that experience that we have and if there are others who are like us, I totally recommend you do it too!

Slap me if you didn’t have a great time with them.

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