Quick Stop at the Mansion in Baguio

This blog post about the Mansion of Baguio will be really short. Because we were just there for less than 10 minutes, and there’s nothing much I can share about it to you but the location, and just a couple of tips – so that’s why I’m having this blog post.

Before the Mansion we went first to the Botanical Garden of Baguio City. We spent an hour there, and decided to just go to the Mansion.

What's the Mansion Baguio? The Mansion is the official summer residence of the President of the Philippines. So, that's why it's guarded, and strict with the security. And that's why you can't go inside the Mansion itself.

Sadly, the Mansion was closed at that time. The gate is closed, and the guard told us that the gate will be open in 30 minutes. Knowing that even opening the gate, we’ll just be able to enter the gate, and just be able to take pictures few steps away. So the photo or the experience at least will be just a scene without a gate and a bit closer, and waiting 30 minutes for that is like not worth it for me to do.

Quick Stop at the Mansion in Baguio City Exotic Philippines Travel Blog Blogger

It was around 9am that day when we arrived at the Mansion in Baguio city. So I guess they’re opening the gate around 9:30am or 10am. So, if you want to go inside the gates, then please do take note of that.

The scene outside the gate is just worth for less than 5 minutes, enough to take pictures or just see what’s inside.

Though it was not worth 30 minutes to wait for me, there are actually a family or some people there waiting for the gates to be opened. So, it’s actually up to you if it is worth your time.

What we did though, we decided to leave and just go to what’s in front of it, the Wright Park.

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