Exotic Beijing Performance: The Golden Mask Dynasty Show

Beijing is a seemingly a city of endless wonders. Even those who have never traveled to the bustling metropolis have heard of it's famous landmarks. Epic places like The Great Wall of China, Tian'anmen Square, and The Forbidden City immediately spring to mind for travelers. Those who have experienced Beijing first hand know that these wonders are just scratching the surface of what's available in the city. Beijing isn't only a place with epic locations, but also a place where you can experience the performing arts on a truly epic scale.

One such marvel is the Golden Mask Dynasty Show. Often described as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, this is an original Chinese play on an grand scale. Visitors are graced with stunning acrobatics, elegant dance scenes, an epic story, and awe-inspiring costumes.

Exotic Beijing Performance The Golden Mask Dynasty Show

Set in a legendary dynasty, The Golden Mask Dynasty, the story follows a queen with a golden mask who creates an impressive dynasty using pure principles such as trust, love, tolerance, and wisdom. In eight acts viewers will experience this fairy-tale like story of war and romance as the queen with the golden mask builds and maintains her dynasty. The story is meant to be a representation of Chinese culture, and comes from the minds of Chinese producers, writers, and directors.

Exotic Beijing Performance The Golden Mask Dynasty Show

While the story and culture are key in making this show an incredible experience, it's the epic scale that continues to attract visitors. The play is performed in the OCT Theatre which was specially built for this play. Overseas Chinese Town, OCT, funded the theatre spending an impressive 200 million yuan. The massive effort utilizes over 200 hundred actors, 500 costumes, and has over 20 separate dance scenes throughout the 8 acts. If this isn't impressive enough, the play features a flood scene that uses real water and gives viewers a shocking level of realism rarely seen on stage. The epic performance and stunning visuals will be appreciated by all ages making this an excellent family experience.

Exotic Beijing Performance The Golden Mask Dynasty Show

The plays reception really speaks for itself. First produced in 2007 the show has now been seen by an estimated 1.1 million people. It was even designated an official tourism show for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. There have been over 1200 shows and the play continues to be shown twice daily.

The play is held at the OCT Theatre in Beijing's Happy Valley Amusement Park. Show times are 5:30 and 7:30. Ticket prices range from 180 – 680 yuan (~30 – 100 dollars) depending on your seats location in the theatre. The epic scale of the play means that center seating is preferred as it allows a full view of the expansive stage. While some spectators in the past have found the tickets expensive, it seems almost all of them have found the experience more than worth it. To catch a glimpse of the action at home, click here for the show trailer (Chinese only).

Exotic Beijing Performance The Golden Mask Dynasty Show

Overall The Golden Mask Dynasty is an excellent opportunity not only for a once-in-a-lifetime entertainment experience, but also to experience brilliant Chinese culture.

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