The Lusong Coral Garden of Coron

When you say “Coral Garden” first thing comes in mind is of course, a lot of corals, second is a lot of fish. Imagine a view of a lot of fish. So, I’ve expected more fish here than what I’ve seen in Siete Pecados, Banana Island, or the Malcapuya island.

We stopped by here when we’re from the Calauit Safari Tour, there’s another coral garden around but the boatman said the current is too strong and it’s harder for the boat to go there. So we didn’t insist. But this coral garden is the Lusong Coral Garden, which has a strong current also that day but manageable.

Sadly, I’m not sure why and what’s wrong that day. Or is it because we didn’t have much rice to giveaway to them, but there are only few fish that came out that day. But then, there are friendly sea creatures that might want to greet you willingly going up.

The Lusong Coral Garden of Coron Palawan Exotic Philippines Travel Blog

Yeap, watch out for these. But the boatman said they don’t sting and they even eat these type of jelly fish. Channel was freaking out there, who wouldn’t? After that taken, we were like racing to the ladder to the boat.

There are corals, but it’s too deep for me to reach or try to dive. I’m not that experienced or still trying to go down and dive so I didn’t catch on camera that much. I saw a lot more fish in Banana island than here at Lusong Coral Garden.

The Lusong Coral Garden of Coron Palawan Exotic Philippines Travel Blog

The boatman said that the other coral garden has a lot more fishes and more beautiful compared at the Lusong Coral Garden Coron. I think the disadvantage too there was the water is high and you can’t really get near to the corals, but I think it’s an amazing spot for divers.

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