5 Must Try Vietnamese Dishes at Phat Pho

Phat Pho Cebu Philippines by the Abaca Group

Few days ago, I along with 3 other blogger friends were invited by Phat Pho Cebu by the Abaca Group to get a taste of Vietnam!

Nope, they didn’t send us to Vietnam but they brought Vietnam here in Cebu Philippines through their Vietnamese dishes.

I’ve never tried Vietnamese food before, but hey, its food and it’s different, time to get a taste of it! I was actually excited about it since I’ve been watching this TV series about Vietnam food and it really look delicious. Especially when you see the host cooking the dish, and he taste it, argh!

Anyway, so we just let them decide what dish they want to serve us. We said it’s best to serve us their best dishes, or the dish that they want to be featured on each of our blogs.

Phat Pho Cebu

When I arrived (since I arrived first among the four of us), I was immediately greeted by the staff and welcome me to the restaurant – without even knowing that I am one of the bloggers to review, they just found out when Mary arrived.

Jody, the one who entertained us told us that she choose the best Vietnamese food that they have, and that are her favorites, and they are:

Phat Pho Cebu

Chicken Satay

Food Rating: 3.8 Stars
Price: P130

The name itself sounds expensive, "sosyal" as what some Filipino might say. But it's simply a barbecue taste quiet similar to Filipino barbecue, I thought I won't like it by the look of it but taste really good. I was surprised that it's similar. I actually want to eat some more, but there are more Vietnamese dis to taste.

As for the orange thing, it's also similar with our "atsara", taste good and blends well with the barbecue, or let me just say, Chicken Satay.

Phat Pho Cebu

Chilled Shrimp Rice Paper Rolls Goi Cuon

Food Rating: 3 Stars

First bite, I can compare it to one of my favorite food stalls, the Shawarma. It's crispy, it's veggie, it's unique. I wasn't able to finish everything though since I'm not a fan of a veggie.

There are two sauce you can dip your rolls, we're not sure what's the brown one but taste like peanuts, and the other one is hot sauce - Vietnamese style of hot sauce I guess.

Phat Pho Cebu

Crispy Egg Roll

Food Rating: 3 Stars
Price: P120

It's also similar with the Filipino dish, Lumpia. Surely is crispy, and I just love the sauce!

Phat Pho Cebu

Noodle Soup Pho Special

Food Rating: 3 Stars
Price: 395

One of the reasons why I want to try out Vietnamese food is the noodles. Watching this food TV show in Vietnam made me got curious since they said they make their noodles differently, and tastes good too. So right away, this was the first one I tasted among the 5 dishes served.

The soup taste good, and the noodles are soft, but if you'll ask me if this Vietnma noodle soup versus the Japanese Ramen, I'll go for Ramen!

Phat Pho Cebu

Com Chien

Food Rating: 4 Stars
Price; P295

I'd say among the 5, this is my favorite. I'd love to return to Phat Pho and finish the whole bowl. If you love Chowking's Chao Fan, you'd surely love this! It's a Vietnamese version of fried rice.

Obviously my favorite is the Vietnamese fried rice and the satay. I've enjoyed every bit and bite of it.

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