SILYA – Comfortable Chairs for the Elders

SILYA – Comfortable Chairs for the Elders

Last month, I was invited my Summit Circle Cebu Hotel for their holiday specials and one of the guests for that day is Tito Lorete Alcala, a social entrepreneur and the founder of S.I.L.Y.A. He shared with us his advocacy and mission for the past years, and I would like to share it with you guys here in the Exotic Philippines blog.

Not all people (yet) can relate to this, but if you have grandparents or your parents are on that stage of their life where they’re (err… how would I say this?) not that strong anymore, you’ll totally feel the importance of this program.

Like for me example, my Mama will be turning 60 this year (and she’s so excited because she’ll be able to apply and get benefits of the senior citizen) and lately I’ve noticed that she’s getting and feeling a lot of pains and is easily get uncomfortable. I know not just because I’m always with her, but because I’m also her immediate masseuse whenever she’s in that kind of pain.

One of the things I’ve also noticed that she’s starting to prefer to sit down at our plastic chair rather than our comfortable and soft sofa. And I did not realized all this until Summit Circle Cebu Hotel have Mr. Tito Lorete Alcala share the story why SILYA is his mission and advocacy in life now.

SILYA (English: chair) stands for Sa Iyo Lolo at Lola Yantok aming Alay, wherein Mr. Alcala will be donating his rocking chairs in public places that is design for the elders. These rocking chairs will be distributed all over the country, targeting public places such as the airports, terminals, restuarants, bookstores, coffee shops, and hotels – and Summit Circle Cebu Hotel have one!

Yes, Mr. Alcala will be donating these chairs and putting it in public places for public use. And yes, he won’t make money, but for him being able to pay back to his parents, to our elders is more than a ROI (return of investment).

Won’t you agree that our elders deserves these kind of gifts? Take a look at this video which was also shared to us by Mr. Alcala. Go on!

I’ve almost cried, well I was going to but I’m trying to stop my tears. I’ve lost my Dad and I’d wish I have that moment with my Dad.

But anyway, if you feel what I mean and Mr. Alcala’s advocacy, then share it with everyone. I think every malls, and public places should have this chair. Want to help? If you have a business, know someone who has a business why not suggest to have the chair? Or, contact SILYA and find out more about them through their website

Your small action, can be a great help.

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