Meet and Greet with Prony II

Prony Bohol Philippines Largest Python

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was able to (at last) get the chance to be with and be skin to skin with a snake! Fulfilling the name of the blog, the Exotic Philippines because I’m with an exotic pet. Yes, the python that you’re seeing above is actually a pet of the owner.

The owner gives him a bath, feed him and just generally taking care of this huge python. Prony the second is not the largest snake of Bohol Philippines, but actually the previous large snake is actually named the largest python whose name is also Prony (the first).

Prony the First

The first snake died years ago, and as they (the people in their preservation) believes that Prony (the first) saved its owner from cancer. The (male) owner had cancer and was given 3 months to live, but Prony seems to sacrifice his life for the owner and so the owner lived. That’s what you’ll be able to read in this bulletin.

Prony Bohol Philippines Largest Python

Prony I is actually about 23 feet long, weighing around 300 kg. If you’re able to Google his pictures you’ll be able to surely tell that, that python was really huge.

No worries though, though we’ll not able be able to actually see Prony I alive, you’ll be able to see what’s left of him. Which includes his skin...

Prony Bohol Philippines Largest Python

Yes, that was Prony I, stuffed with something inside to preserve him. He was really huge! I can totally sit on his body. Though he's surely a dead huge snake, still I was scared, maybe because I feel like it was part of a real snake and he's dead, he can totally visit me in m dreams.

Plus! You'll also be able to see this in person, still a part of Prony I...

Prony Bohol Philippines Largest Python

His 23 feet bones! And the remains of his last skin changing - if I'm using the right term.

Prony the Second

Prony Bohol Philippines Largest Python

Prony II is a bit smaller bit still huge compared to the other snakes there, or probably compared to the snakes you’ve seen around your house.

This snake may seem to you as a lazy snake, but once you try to pick him up, well in my case when I pick him up, it seems he wants to kiss me. He keeps on turning his head to me, looking at me.

I was hoping that he was not thinking of eating me, so I was just thinking that he was trying to kiss me since the owner lets him kiss her with his tongue – scary!

Prony Bohol Philippines Largest Python

We’ve also took another picture (thanks to their staff!) of the other snake, I believe it’s an Albino snake (correct me if I’m wrong) who also loves to look at me. Look at my scared face!

Prony Bohol Philippines Largest Python

Here's the forced smile going on!

Prony Bohol Philippines Largest Python

To be honest, it was not easy. I didn't just entered there and pick up the snake and smile at the camera. It took us about more than 30 minutes to finish, because their heads keeps on turning to me and it seems that they really want to look at me (in the eye and kiss me - well, feels like it) and probably want me to be their meal of the day. But hey, I'm just conquering my fear! Thanks to the owner who really pushed me to do it! I did not regret it!

So after almost 30 minutes or so, I was like... I've done my workout for the day. I was sweating like hell! Why? I was REALLY scared and I try not to be because I do believe that the animals can sense fear, especially the snake! I was even thinking that they're turning their heads and telling me "What's wrong with you? Why you're freaking out? Never saw a beautiful snake before? Don't worry piggy, things will be alright."

The thing is, every time they try to be comfortable in your hands,you can feel them moving. Their bottom opens a bit like there's a hundred of fangs below and then their body moves, who's not going to freak out!?

But then again, I conquered it (at least a bit) and finished the photo-shoot with them - I feel like I just did have a photo-shoot because there are 2 cameras taking my forced smile.

The preservation place also has other animals, so they’re kind of a zoo already. What’s great about this place is that they do love animals. As an animal lover, I can totally tell. That they’re not just there for the money, but for love and making money from their pets is just a benefit out of it.

There are actually more than 5 animals there, but there are only 2 of them who was not a camera shy.

Prony Bohol Philippines Largest Python

The Philippine eagle! Who's so stunning and handsome in his pose - which I asked him to do.

Prony Bohol Philippines Largest Python

And this beautiful swam (or duck - I think) who is not surely a camera shy because when I say "pose duckie!" he/she give me a breast out pose! Thank you duckie!

I really think these animals are used with people taking their photos, I mean, look at them! Just say "pose!" and they get it. I told the eagle "look at here birdie!" and he also gave me the breast out - and I was amazed because they understand my doggie language.

Some of the photos above are actually taken by one of their staffs there using their own DSLR camera. So if you’ve come unprepared, no worries you can totally get a photo with Prony with or without your camera. They’ll print your photo for P150 (1 photo) and you can kindly ask them to email to you the rest – which I ask kindly.

Sadly, I don't have any details on how to get there. Since I have a guide going around Bohol and using a private car, but surely if you'll ask around people will be kind enough to teach you how to get there. Prony's place is just about 20 minutes away from the pier.

Find out more about 1 day trip in Bohol or if you want to experience it all yourself, visit my WithLocals hosts in Bohol Philippines experience at the WithLocals website to find out more about the experience.

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