Exotic Philippines - Hotel Review Guru Finalist on AsiaRooms.com Blogger Awards 2013

Exotic Philippines Hotel Review Guru Finalist on AsiaRooms Blogger Awards 2013

I’m a month and 9 days late in announcing this on the blog, I didn’t know that I made it to as a finalist for the AsiaRooms.com Blogger Awards 2013.

Few months before that, AsiaRooms actually have contacted and invited me to write articles for them on their website’s blog, and it was a matter of timing because I just got back from a tour around Cebu so I do have something to share.

I think it’s just right to write about Cebu since most of my write ups on the blog are mostly about Cebu, so I wrote the “3 Most Popular Tourist Spots in Cebu” article for them. Having my article approved and live on their site is great but being nominated as one of the finalist on their FIRST Blogger awards is an honor.

And today, I found out that I made it as a finalist for “Hotel Review Guru” on the first AsiaRooms Blogger Awards. As for the list of fellow finalists and winners for each category, they are:

Foodie Blog of the Year
Winner: The Dropout Diaries
Lady Iron Chef
Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow
Live Less Ordinary
Our Awesome Planet

Travel Photographer of the Year
Winner: Ania Blazejewska Photography
Tommy Schultz Travel and Underwater Photography
Etienne Bossot Photography
Wazari Wazir

Hotel Review Guru
Winner: Heels and Wheels
Alex in Wanderland
Backpacks and Bunkbeds
The Dropout Diaries
Exotic Philippines

Most Loved Blogger
Winner: The World Wanderer
Backpacker Becki
Dream Explore Wander
The Nomad Couple
Where Sidewalks End

Travel Tips Expert

Winner: Backpacker Banter
Pinay Travel Junkie
American Expat in Chiang Mai
Where Sidewalks End
Backpacker Becki

Newcomer of the Year
Winner: Bucket List Journey
365 Destinations
Don’t Stop Living
Backpacking Man

Travel Video of the Year
Winner: ‘Myanmar’ by Patrik Wallner
‘Tao Philippines’ by Scott Sporleder
‘Choice’ by Gnarly Bay
‘Pakistan-India Border Closing Ceremony’ by Captain and Clark
‘Chiang Mai Night Market’ by Nomadic Samuel
Source: AsiaRooms.com

Most of my hotel reviews are mostly because my sister treated me out there or my best friend Love Faith (a.k.a. Lalai) brought me there. My best friend and I are supposed to stay during the semestral break at Imperial Palace but because she needs to visit her parents in Ilo-Ilo, the super typhoon Yolanda and the earthquake we decided to wait for the next promos that hotels and resorts will offer.

Me, my best friend and sister’s expenses paid off, thank you AsiaRooms!

So adding it all up that Exotic Philippines got the Cebu Top 7 Famous Blog of this year’s Best Cebu Blogs Awards and being recognized by one of the known company in Asia is another inspiring thing for me. Making me want to do more, put more effort in blogging, and continue my journey as a blogger.

People think being a blogger is easy, when it’s actually hard. I even don’t think I’m a good blogger since I missed some days, I don’t post enough travel posts but I tried. I love blogging and knowing that YOU as a reader appreciate what I do, it’s heartwarming.

So please join me this 2014, as I will try an attempt to do more things, blog, vlog, share and be a half TRAVEL and FOOD blogger – since there are a couple of restaurants already inviting me to get a taste of their delicious food and post a review. Hopefully, we’ll have invitations from hotels and destinations too.

Thank you for your warm support and love!

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