The Kadaugan Festival 2013

The Kadaugan Festival 2013

Exotic Philippines was one of the lucky blogs who got invited to this amazing, colorful, and lively event where all of the people living in the island of Mactan remember and celebrate the Kadaugan (Victory) of Lapu-Lapu against  Magellan.

As you may have already know, the island of Mactan was also colonized by Spain and is named after the Datu Lapu-Lapu who defeated the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan in 1521.

Reyna Bulakna 

Reyna Bulakna is the wife of Datu Lapu-Lapu, so they also have the pageant every year since 2010 where they search for the Reyna Bulakna for the year. The candidates dance just right in front of us, swinging, dancing, showing off! With the beautiful custom, candidates and presentation, it was totally a great sight for me and the rest of the audience.

Gladly, I was able to bring with my Sony Bloggie, but since my seat is not in front, my view and the video is not that really good but you'll totally appreciate how these beautiful ladies present themselves and how much they want to be the next crowned Reyna Bulakna 2013.

Higante Parade

Right after the search for Reyna Bulakna 2013, they started the contest for the Higante Parade. Where the Higante (Giant) of the contestants parade on the street to the stage where the search for the next Reyna Bulakna is presented.

It was their first year for this contest, so they have just few contestants joined in but it was amazing. The Cebuanos just show their huge creativity right in front of us through their Higante!

Kadaugan Reenactment

I can't say much of the Kadaugan Reenactment 2013 since I was not able to wake up early to witness the event but lucky me I've got friends who were able to attend and able to see the event themselves. So, I've got some photos to share with everyone!!!

Kadaugan Festival Gallery

Thanks to Dave Pinero, a very skilled photographer and my new found friend who was also there in the event, he's letting me use his photo for this blog post. So please do note, that all photos below (so far) are his photos. I have an epic fail with my camera since when I transfer it to my laptop, it was then gone. Technical issues. I supposed to have a video there. Sheeesh!
Anyway, please do enjoy the photos below!

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