A Guide to Wine Tasting in Canada

Wine Tasting in Canada

Every year, millions of people visit Canada, not just for the spectacular landscapes and amazing wildlife, but also to see the fantastic vineyards that stretch as far as the eye can see. If you think that the people of Canada continuously live under a blanket of snow, then think again, because the wine that is produced here is actually some of the best in the world. After a glass or two, you’ll soon realise why!

Over recent years, the wine that is made in Canada has gathered critical acclaim, and the amount the county continues to produce increases year on year. Although they’ll never be a global leader, with the likes of Italian, Spanish and New Zealand wines topping our supermarket shelves, there are still some extremely tasty surprises to experience.

If you’re a grape lover and you know your wine lists like the back of your hand, then you’ll also know that the best way to taste any wine is straight from the source. From the British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley to Ontario’s Niagara region, there are a number of high quality wineries to experience, but there are also some smaller vineyards that will also provide just as much flavour and culture – namely in Quebec. With Cowichan Valley and Nova Scotia leading the rustic boutique wineries, there’s plenty to see and do on a wine trip to Canada.
Wherever you end up visiting in Canada, remember to keep an open mind, and always prepare to be surprised. Clear out all the unnecessary junk in your car, because you’re going to need the space for the selection of bottles you’ll be bringing home too!

Golden Mile

British Columbia has some of the best wines in the country, and they can be found in the sleep town of Oliver – home of the Golden Mile. Fostering a hot climate all summer, Oliver is the perfect place for grapes to ripen, and sprouting out of the sandy, clay soils, Oliver is the best producer of Merlot, cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay for hundreds of miles.
Sadly, the Golden Mile is actually some 20 wineries spread out over 20km, however if you’re driving this journey shouldn’t be a problem. Autoeurope.ca offers some of the best car rental deals on the internet, so make sure you surf online before hiring a car for your Canadian wine adventure. The Golden Mile is also a great tourist area, and you’ll be able to meet other wine enthusiasts who share the same palate passions!  

Okanagan Valley

Thankfully, you’re never too far from a wine region in Canada, no matter where you are, meaning a quick drive in the car can open up a world of adventures. Take Okanagan Valley for example. The five hour journey from Vancouver may seem a little steep for a vineyard adventure, but the rolling hills and spectacular countryside along the way make the trip well worth the while.
There are over 100 wineries located in Okanagan Valley, and they boast a fantastic selection of bold reds and crisp whites. From pinot blanc and chardonnay to pinot noir and merlot, you’ll no doubt leave with your taste buds tingling, with a wine to suite every suitor.  

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