Cebuboy Lechon Review

Cebuboy Lechon Review

I am not that much of a fan of lechon but when Cebuboy have invited Exotic Philippines and my fellow bloggers during the Blogathon 2012, we did have a great time and tummy full!

Cebuboy is a Cebu Philippines based provider of the delicious and known Filipino food "LECHON". It is a roast pig with crispy and juicy skin, with delicious meat inside. With the Cebuboy lechon, packed and ready to go, it will be easy for you to bring home to your family the delicious lechon in Cebu.

I was able to bring one pack of Cebuboy lechon that day, with other pastries as well. I brought it at home and since I'm full and knowing that my Mom, sister and her husband who just got home from the states would love to get a taste of this lechon, I left it for them to eat in the morning.

Lechon is best to be eaten when fresh because the skill will be totally crispy, but it is already late at night that I've arrived at home so they just ate it in the morning. So lucky for me, I made my sister and her husband make a testimonial video for us since they're more into lechon that I do. These two love birds miss lechon since they've been living in the US for years and my Mom love lechon, so I think it would be great if we hear it from them, right?

Cebuboy Lechon Review

So my sister and her husband was kind enough to make a video testimonial for us to show and share with us their thoughts and review for Cebuboy.

English Translation:
Our little is a blogger and was invited to the media event of Cebuboy, and she was able to bring us one pack of the Cebuboy lechon. She arrived home late at night and we're already asleep, so we're able to get a taste of it in the morning. I didn't expect that it will still be that delicious because hours have passed already, and when we ate it we're all shocked that it still taste very good and how much more if its still crispy and fresh cook. It's flavor is not just in the skin, but the meat itself taste really great.

We would really love to taste it again, but because we don't have time anymore and we need to go back to the states to work we're not able to taste the fresh cook ones.

Yes, I wanna try Cebuboy again if there's someone who'll send us the lechon here in the states. But if we'll be able to come back again in Cebu soon, I would really love to eat it when it's still fresh and newly cook so we'll be get the best taste but still even though hours have passed, it's still really good!

Cebuboy Lechon Review Rating

So all in all, I would like to give Cebuboy a rating of 4 stars out 5. There's something different with the taste (for me) with the traditional lechon but still it's delicious.

Let me thank Cebuboy for inviting me to their event and taste their delicious lechon, also let me thank them for letting me invite my fellow bloggers and of course giving us a box of Cebuboy lechon to take home with us.

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