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One of my clients in my company is from Dublin Ireland, and I was curious about this city since I've been hearing this quiet often in movies and on Facebook - I believe one of my schoolmate is already in Dublin. So I asked some information about this place and today, I would like to share this to all of you which includes a list of hotels in Dublin City Ireland.

I've included some list of hotels in Dublin Ireland so that this post today will be worth it to read. In the future, I'll try to share with you also some other list like hotels in Dublin airport (or let me just say near the airport) so that if anyone are planning to visit or prefer to stay at a place near the airport, then that would be a useful share.

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and is situated on the East coast. It is famous for its Irish culture as well as the friendly atmosphere which is brought to life by the locals. In spite of being the greatest city in Ireland, it is relatively compact and can be seen on foot.

Dublin History

Ages ago Dublin was an exchanging place for slaves and silver. During the time,  it was governed by the Viking army. Many years afterwards in 1169, the city became taken over by Normans. From a short while of power, the Normans gave the city up to English colonial administration. The Easter Rising of 1916 was the year of the city plus the end of the UK’s control. At this point onward the city was controlled by the Anglo Irish Treaty that subsequently organized the Republic.

Accommodation Alternatives Hostels, lodgings, and bed and breakfasts are the most popular hotels in Dublin City Ireland  Most are scattered across the city in abundance and accommodate all budgets and needs. There are some fancy hotels found on the north side of the city for people who prefer that choice.

Scenery and Attractions

Dublin have a vast history so there a variety of historic features to discover. The Christchurch Cathedral is an ancient point of interest at the heart of the city. In case you are thinking about a city’s personality, feel and history then head over to Grafton Street, Dublin Castle as well as the Irish Parliament. Aside from that look into the Joyce, Dublin Writers and National museums since these are traditional in the city of Dublin.


If shopping is your thing, then you will be better off going to Grafton Street, St Stephens Green and Henry Street. All these streets sell most of the fashion brands and also electronic products and jewelry. You will also find extraordinary souvenirs in the petit gift shops down a number of the smaller streets.

Dining Options

You can find pubs and restaurants everywhere on Dublin. A lot of eating places primarily offer your traditional pub food through all international cuisine is available within the city.

Culture in Dublin

Booking a stay at a bed and breakfast in Dublin makes it easier for you to have the chance to experience the sites of the city and among them are:

The National Museum of Ireland (Museum of Decorative Artsand History)

This particular museum features items of jewelry, weapons, glass wares, and ceramics. Throughout these artifacts, you may trace Dublin's history and also the political and social spurs in the city's improvement throughout the centuries. The museum is renowned for well-documented items of porcelain in their collection.

The National Museum of Ireland (Museum of National History) 

Launched in 1857, the museum exhibits more than 10,000 types of wildlife. The specimens displayed are associated with both existing and currently extinct types of creatures but not just from Ireland but from the around the world. The museum is open through Tuesdays to Saturdays, from ten in the morning to five in the afternoon. On Sundays, it's open from two to five in the afternoon.

Writers' Museum in Dublin 

Dublin is a city renowned for to be the birth place of numerous literary leaders. It gives honor to the literary offspring via this museum. At this point, you'll find the personalized items, books, letters, along with other articles of the way of life from authors like Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett.

The excellent writer James Joyce once said any time he dies, Dublin will be written in his heart. He doesn't overstate. You can easily fall in love with a city like Dublin. What greater way to see the cycle of an enthusiastic first love then through the remarkably inexpensive bed and breakfast in Dublin?

Hotels in Dublin City

So as a part of this guide, Let me give you the list of hotels in Dublin City Ireland that I've found through the Exotic Philippines Hotel Search Engine, Booking and Comparison website.

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