11 Hotels in Mandaue City Cebu

Hotels in Mandaue City Cebu

If you're ready to join in and celebrate the Sinulog festival this month here in Cebu yet all hotels in Cebu City are fully booked, here's an alternate - book your stay at hotels in Mandaue City Cebu which is just about 30 minutes to an hour away from the center of Cebu city.

Anyway, all vehicles are not allowed to enter anymore in the city so you still have to walk around the Osmena boulevard. I believe the vehicles are just allowed until the Ayala Mall, from there you really have to walk. But then, if you could grab a room at any hotels in Cebu then that would be much better and you'll save more during the Sinulog festival.

With or without the Sinulog festival, I believe that these list of hotels in Mandaue City Cebu will be useful to anyone who are looking for a place to stay that is not in Cebu City.

Mandaue City is just about 30 minutes away from Ayala, and actually as far as I can see Mandaue is starting to have more buildings and getting more busier. But then, there might be reasons why you want to be in Mandaue, and you should choose any of these hotels in Mandaue City Cebu if you want to be near with the following areas:
  • Hall of Justice - Mandaue
  • Parkmall
  • SM
  • Cebu Doctors University
  • Bureau of Immigration
  • University of the Visayas - Mandaue
  • San Miguel Corporation
  • Matimco Inc.
  • Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines
  • Aboitiz Football Field
  • J Center
  • North Atrium
The above areas are the places, companies, buildings or landmarks that I know of that any of you might be interested of. So hopefully that information will be helpful but then if you want to be just few minutes away from any of the above, then why not go for these hotels.

The rankings or arrangement of the hotels may change as time goes by, especially if there's a new hotel that is nearer in the Mandaue City center since the list below are automated and it's coming from our Exotic Philippines Hotel Search Engine.

So the list of hotels in Mandaue City Cebu below are ranked or arranged according to the hotel that is nearest or in the heart of Mandaue City, Cebu Philippines.

10 Hotels in Mandaue City Cebu

Other than Andy Hotel, here are the 10 other hotels that I can find for you.

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Andy Hotel

As you can see above, the nearest or let me just say the hotel that is in THE HEART OF MANDAUE City is the Andy Hotel - one of our sponsors in the Exotic Philippines Happy 2 Giveaway event.

I know Mandaue enough that I know and can say that if you want a hotel with a great access to every needs, then better choose this hotel - not because they're one of the sponsor of our blog because it's true that everything that you might need, you can easily access it if you stay at this hotel and not to mention that their rooms are totally affordable.

Andy Hotel got easy access to the following:
  • Pharmacy - Mercury Drug, Rose Pharmacy, Threesixty Pharmacy
  • Taxi
  • Jeepney - because they're just a walk away from the main hiway.
  • Fast food - they're near to Jollibee, KFC, Nhohiong House (my favorite and cheap), etc.
  • Market - it would take about 15 minutes of walk I think. The market is just below the overpass - I used to live in that area for about 4 years.
  • Bank & ATM - specifically BDO, BPI, Metrobank - there's another bank and I forgot.
  • Pawnshops - just in case of emergency you might need this. They're just a walk away.
  • Mini groceries - the Threesixty Pharmacy
  • Laundry Service
As I've mentioned, I used to live in this area and I always drop in this area way back when I was still in college - that is every day I drop in the area where Andy hotel is located.

No worries, I'll be posting a video along some information of the Andy Hotel soon and will update this post with the link to the information about Andy Hotel in Mandaue City Cebu.

I've seen Allure Hotel and the Orchard Hotel quiet a lot of times already but just the outside. I never been inside their hotel, hopefully one day I get to have a view of their hotel so that I could share some information to everyone here in the blog.

Cityscape Hotel is probably the farthest one in the list though it's not the last. For me it's the one that is far from the City center but more nearer to Ayala Mall. As for Oftana Suites, I've included it because though in terms of distance it's far away form the city center, it's actually just quick to get there because you'll be just going straight.

So I hope these list of hotels in Mandaue City Cebu will be helpful to everyone and if you've got any questions about Mandaue or the information listed above, please feel free to leave a comment below and I'll try my best to answer if I can.

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