Hotel Star Ratings Explained

As you may have noticed I do hotel reviews here in Exotic Philippines as a part of the whole purpose of this travel blog and an additional tips and guide for your travel. But note, these are only hotels that I've been to or have someone I know tried already and wrote a review of the hotel.

Also, I do hotel reviews for the reason that I also do have my own hotel search, compare and book engine as the additional feature, benefits and function of this travel blog. Yes, the one on the top sidebar is our very own hotel search and you'll actually be redirected to the result of your hotel search in our hotel search and comparison site.

The Exotic Philippines

Hotel Search, Compare and Booking Site


It is actually similar to Expedia, TripAdvisor and other hotel booking sites but the Exotic Philippines Hotel Search Engine has features that every traveler should and could grab the opportunity to save more!


Through the Exotic Philippines Hotel Search Engine you could be able to search hotels in your destination (e.g. Cebu Philippines) and you'll be able to get the list of hotels in that area that are in our database.

You can then filter your search through specifying any of the features that you want to have in a hotel that you want to stay like the hotel star ratings, the place it's nearest to, the hotel type (B&B, resort, inn, etc.) and other more options to be able to have the best hotel that will meet your needs.

It does not stop there! When you have selected a hotel that you want to stay at, you will then have the list of all booking sites hotel booking prices (prices from expedia, travelocity, etc.) and you will then be able to choose the best deal offered for your stay.

So with the Exotic Philippines Hotel Search Engine you'll be able to find the best hotel to stay and get the best price and deal to get the best hotel experience.

Hotel Star Ratings

We all know that hotels have star ratings and if you're curious like I am on how they rate the hotels as a five star hotel or not, here's a discussion from SecretHotels.Org where they explain how or what each star hotels mean. In this way, we'll be able to stay and book at a hotel that will meet our standards and needs in our destination.

So anyway, here's an infographic where it shows you what it requires and a hotel should have to be able to be qualified to have a star or gain more stars. Some hotel owners may not have already know this so why not take the opportunity to know if your hotel is qualified to get a star!

Hotel Star Ratings Explained

Infographic by Secret Hotels grabbed via Exotic Philippines.

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