Be Fly in Thailand - Travel to the Land of Smiles

If you would like an exotic trip, consider to travel to Thailand as one of the destinations to visit. Though it is way more expensive compared to visiting the southern California or Miami, you will have photographs of memories that surely will wow and make your friends be envy.

First off, let me show you this great infographic that shows and share how to be cool, make friends and enjoy your Thailand vacation just through this simple yet informative graphics from Kuoni. It’s pretty much quick and short but very much informative, all needed or let me say must know Thailand facts is just right below:

Now, after knowing some basic Thailand facts it’s time to give you some awesome travel tips when you’re thinking of visiting Thailand to enjoy and get the best out of your Thailand vacation with these Thailand travel guide and tips:

Thailand Travel Tip #1: The Thai Food

In the event you reach Thailand, you will undoubtedly be eating one of the best Asian cuisine in the world. So it is advisable to try out some Thai dishes right before you go and take your trip to Thailand. Surely you have access on some Thai restaurants, especially if you live in the city and while you go, you can ask the servers for any reliable Thai fare too. In this way, you’ll be able to prepare your taste buds, your stomach and of course you will know what to expect to eat there.

If you are not able to try out any Thai food at a restaurant or there’s no Thai restaurant in your area, you can just buy a cook book in a book store or online that has Thai food and cook the Thai food yourself. This will be an introduction to your trip to Thailand and experience for you. Also, this is for you will be able to check out your hand at forming many of the Thailand food delights and feast.

Thailand Travel Tip #2: Dress Up Right for your Thailand Vacation

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With the smart phone and the power of the internet, we all know we could easily get access and details about the weather of our destination. So it’s recommended that you go and check the weather on the days when you travel Thailand to be able to know what to bring and what to wear so that you can wear the right, enough and ideal clothes for the weather.

Thailand Travel Tip #3: Visit your Doctor

As mentioned this is an exotic destination and some of the foreigner’s problem when visiting other countries is that they get something unexpectedly. So it’s advisable that you visit your doctor first to know your current condition and if you’re well and fit enough to visit Thailand. Of course, it is also to get any shots if needed and prescribed by the doctor. Don’t forget to ask your doctor for any foods or things to do to avoid in your travel to Thailand.

Thailand Travel Tip #4: Getting your Passport in Advance

I don’t get it why some people make their passport preparation last and not their first. I always make it the first thing I should have even before I book a flight or a hotel. Sadly, some people make it last priority in updating their passports and some even forget about this after all the excitement.

That's it! I do hope that you’ll be able to enjoy and find this this Thailand travel guide useful and be able to get the best Thailand vacation you can have through this simple travel tips and useful infographic with Thailand facts for the unforgettable and envious experience in visiting Thailand.

photo credit: Stuck in Customs

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