An Invitation to the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) Bible Study

Iglesia Ni Cristo Bible Study

As some of you may know I'm one of the member of the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ). My parents along with my siblings converted on 1986 and I was born on 1987, so among my siblings I'm the only one who was not baptized in other religion.

I would like to share this to everyone today to invite everyone reading Exotic Philippines in our Bible study, I would just like to take this opportunity to invite people who are in the middle of soul searching or in search of religion.

I'm well aware that there are readers here in the blog that are from around the world, the good thing is Iglesia Ni Cristo can also be found around the world, in fact there are over 6,000 Iglesia Ni Cristo congregations around the world as of 2012 - the last time I checked that is.

Why Iglesia Ni Cristo?

A lot of people are actually intrigued by the Church Of Christ Doctrines and things we do that are different from other religion. Like we're not allowed to at least have a relationship with someone outside from the church (people not a member of the church) and how we're strict on our church service, etc. and I would love to answer everything but I believe it's more proper and right that a minister will answer your questions but what I can tell you is whatever plans, actions and Church Of Christ beliefs that we have are according and based in the Bible.

So in short, if you want to be a part and a member of a religion that everything it do and doctrines are based in the Bible and NOT because of superficial beliefs and traditions that they want to keep or even choose to satisfy themselves rather than abiding what is the Christian way of doing it.

Where can I attend the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) Bible Study?

You can just actually come to the nearest Iglesia Ni Cristo congregation that you know of in your house (preferably) or the most accessible church for you. You can ask the guard or at most the minister about the Church of Christ doctrines and the Church Of Christ beliefs, let them know that you are interested and that you're not a member yet. 

Don't worry, they'll be happy to have you and answer all your questions, if you can also open your home for us you may also have the ministers visit or have the Church Of Christ Bible Study in your home if you prefer. Also, you're not forced and NOT compulsory to take or have the Church Of Christ Doctrine to become a member of the church. 

Useful Links

This is a travel blog but I would also like to post some topics that may help or be an interest for everyone here. Anyway, to help you out in your search below you'll find some links that you can read, listen and watch   videos that covers about the Church Of Christ Beliefs right from our ministers.
This is the official Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) media website where videos, articles and live streaming can be accessed for your Bible study or search of religion.
I believe this is not an official website and source about Church Of Christ doctrine but I've checked this site but the videos, texts and information provided are good. You can find the Iglesia Ni Cristo congregation (a.k.a. Directory) and topics answered. Questions like we believe that Christ is not God and God is not Christ and some helpful topics that may help you out in whatever situation and facing at the moment.

Helpful Videos

Now, let me share with you some videos that I think will be helpful for your search. Videos below are from INC Media:

Iglesia Ni Cristo Stories of Faith: 98th Church Anniversary Special

Who is God?

Why you must join the Church of Christ to be Saved?

Iglesia Ni Cristo- That's in the Bible

Questions Answered: 

1. Should the Old Testament be taken literally and should Christians follow it? Kyma Morera (London, England) 
2. Who's to say that the bible isn't fiction? Ryan Foster (San Diego, California)
3. You get all your answers from the Bible, how do you know it is the right book? What about the Quran or other religious books? Magda Staunch (New Zealand) 

4. What verses give solid proof that Jesus is who he said he was? Megan Tomren (Huntington Beach, California)

For questions, inquiries and please no violent and unpleasant reactions, just leave it as a comment below. I think it's MORE PROPER and it's more RIGHT to ask someone who's a member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo about our beliefs, doctrines and more information rather than asking someone who's not a member of the church, it's like asking a cow about a cats lifestyle, or maybe have a health checkup to an auto repair man. 

I'll try to answer or ask someone to answer your questions so please just leave it below. So comments and questions are encouraged, or if you don't want it publicly you may just contact me but please again, don't use this opportunity to harass or insult the church, the members or me because of the religion. I would highly appreciate it :D but anyway, just to warn you those violent, hate and harass comments will not be entertained or published.

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