What's Up with a Cruise?

It appears like everyone currently is setting sail, cruising about the deep blue ocean on ships the size of tiny cities. Travelers got back from their ocean adventures with unusual and remarkable tales of grand movie theaters, water slides, massive climbing walls and mounds of scrumptious food, but is this the explanation why cruises have raised in reputation? What really is it that makes cruises so appealing to countless all of us, or even to me.

Way back years ago, my parents (yes, JUST MY PARENTS) was able to get on a cruise ship with all expenses paid by the company they used to work for. The company use this as a treat to their employees for doing a great job, if you did a really really great job well you get to tag along your whole family. Yeap, there was a few times when my family and I get to travel together.

Anyway, my Mom can't stop talking about the cruise ship, their experience, the food, I mean they've been talking about it and we're like "I WANNA TRY THAT TOO!" but obviously we can't because it was too expensive.

Today here in Exotic Philippines let me share with you some information I got from my Mom and Dad about Cruise ship and cruising (this reminds me of a song Cruisin - baby let's cruise... the way is clear...).


Long cruises and most especially the usual pricey, port costs, cruise cancellation insurance, and airfare, not forgetting pricey shore adventures, can eliminate your vacation budget. Exactly like with air travel, cruising has considerable discounts and it can be found online online and by means of travel agents.


As different to land tours, which generally present an equivalent sense of security when traveling, cruises also let passengers a fantastic bargain of individual flexibility plus the capability to set their very own pace. In the event you do not really feel like obtaining up for breakfast, then you absolutely can remain inside your cabin and make it down in time for lunch. 

On a tour, for those who miss breakfast you could have missed the bus for the complete day and you will finish up stuck inside your hotel, although every person else is experiencing the sights.

Come and let's party!!!
Pool + Neon Lights + Food + Drinks = BELLIES!

Cruises have an absolute leisure part that accompanies the truth that you will be, primarily, staying inside a floating hotel which can be one particular purpose why cruises draw in passengers who are celebrating honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays and household reunions.


Cruises also have passengers from a single port to another with having a minimum hassle or fanfare is another reason why they’re famous these days. In contrast to trains, planes and automobiles, obviously passenger can sleep, physical have their workout, get a lot of food choices as well as having a celebration while the ship is on the go.

With the huge space in the cruise ship, you’ll surely be able to enjoy a lot of activities. My parents have been to a cruise ship and they were really amazed that you could have a lot of activities on a ship. That is from swimming pools, huge restaurant, theaters and a lot more.


Traveling also entails meeting many new people-some of whom are good and a number of whom are certainly not good. Coping with nasty flight attendants, shady cab drivers, and grouchy hotel clerks can add a degree of pressure to travel that detracts from the sense of enthusiasm and adventure that should really go along with any vacation.

Also, travelers and staff on cruise ships appear to become an entire lot happier, cool, nicer, and much more accommodating than your typical human getting you experience each day. Your fellow cruisers, who come from various backgrounds are certainly not only happier but additionally far more fascinating to become about and you are essentially pushed and in a position to socialize on a cruise.

Note, that you'll also drop by on different locations so surely you get to meet different types of people from different places. You get to meet and experience being with these people.


By the way, you can eat any of these foods
because you've already paid for it.
That's why it's expensive.
Eat all you can!
Love it!
Nothing’s far more important to you than your stomach, right? Airlines recognize that but it seems like, on some long-haul flights, attendants are walking about every single hour with yet another chance to stuff your face. Airline foods will never ever have the ability to contest with cruise ship food. 

Food is usually the highlight of a cruise expertise and irrespective of whether it is at a buffet, inside a dining space or inside your cabin, the food is delightful, and there’s loads of it. The fact is you could obtain your self-gaining several pounds if you are not skeptical but the good news is that, the vacation is centered on.

Lastly, one of many significant causes why cruise travel is developing in reputation may be the wide variety it presents. More than 200 cruise ships float inside the world’s oceans and rivers at this time and that wide variety is developing by the year. Just like with air travel, each and every cruise ship have their personal fleet of ships. You will find also smaller cruise lines, tailored to a particular area or to get a distinct objective.

How about you? 

Have you been to a cruise before?

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