Submit a Content

I do accept content submission here but I only accept articles, infographics and other kind of content that are with quality, no duplicate and are relevant to the niche. Sadly, this is one of my ways to pay the bills of the site, so I don't accept FREE guests posts as of now so I am hoping that you understand my part.

Anyway, for your article to be published here are the following guidelines:
* 100% Unique article. Means that it has not been published yet to other sites, even just once.
* Relevant to the niche. I now cover quite a lot of topics here so make sure to check my topics or contact me if I am open for that type of topic. My current focus is on travel, food, travel gadgets, destinations.
* Quality content. I don't accept spinned articles that no one can understand anymore (over spinning - makes no sense). So please make sure that the article is readable.
* No controversies. I don't talk controversies here, nor hatred.
* Payment. I can fast approve the articles that are already paid, so if you're in a rush, you may send it to me and pay the due amount. PayPal fees are not included in the amount due.
* Exchange. If your client/company would wish to exchange a gift certificate or a product instead a payment through PayPal, I am totally open for that. Please contact me first.
Payment through bank deposits, please contact me first

For other type of content submission ion like EVENT invites, PROMOTIONS or PRESS RELEASE please just email me.

EVENTS - I may be able to accept your event depending on my schedule but please do think about me taking a time off from work, going to your event, so I hope there's at least a free transpo - event invitations are free but gifts are highly appreciated.

PROMOTIONS/PRESS RELEASE - You may let me know that you have a current promo on your business, or even the latest news but I can't guarantee that I'll blog about it since I'm prioritizing my work, the articles I must write about my journeys and experiences, and the paid articles. If you really want your press release to be rewriten (yes, I have to rewrite it since I don't publish press releases on this blog anymore, this is not a press release site, this is a BLOG) please let me know on your email.