6 Reasons Why Croatia is the Best Place to Spend your Yachting Holiday

Since 2013, Croatia has been enjoying a 20 percent increase in luxury charters each year – and it’s not hard to see why. With a stunning coastline, historic stone castles, mouthwatering Mediterranean fare, and more than 1,200 unspoiled islands spread across the Adriatic Sea, this European yachting destination serves up a smorgasbord of wonders for every traveler, no matter what your cup of tea is.

If you haven’t caught the trend yet, here are never-to-miss e̶x̶c̶u̶s̶e̶s̶  reasons to get packing.

6 Reasons why Croatia is the Best Place to Spend your Yachting Holiday Exotic Philippines travel blog cebu travel vlogger

#1 There’s a wild assortment of attractions to match your tastes and preferences.

Whether you travel for history or for food, or whether you love quiet rivieras or a vibrant party atmosphere, rest assured that Croatia’s got you covered. The historic city of Split gives you a great head start, offering stunning marinas, old-world sites, and easy access to other noteworthy destinations like Hvar - known as an entertainment hub with world-class clubs. Similarly, Dubrovnik is a walled city with superb sceneries and pedestrian-friendly streets.

You may also combine two cities in one or two days on charters. We recommend Split and Dubrovnik. Both are celebrated cities within considerable distance from each other, allowing you to cover as many attractions as possible within a short amount of time.

Get started by checking out this Goolets list of Croatian destinations you can enjoy aboard award-winning gulets.

#2 It is one of the most popular filming locations for Hollywood’s biggest TV series and movies.

Though Croatia is widely known as “King’s Landing” in the epic HBO TV series Game of Thrones, Croatian cities, particularly Dubrovnik, have been used as filming locations in at least 75 international movies since the 1930s. Among the most recent ones are Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Spiderman: Far From Home. Film tours are run on several locations in the country. If you’re a fan of any of these, a Croatian charter affords you the opportunity to relive your favorite movies.

#3 Sumptuous Mediterranean food is always just around the corner.

One of the best things about luxury charters are the flavors that await you in every dock – and in Croatia, there are plenty!

The country is home to several Michelin-starred restaurants, including Restaurant 360˚ in Dubrovnik, a multi-awarded fine dining facility that specializes in Croatian classics cooked the French way. Offering dinner by the terrace of St. John’s fortress, 360˚ lets you enjoy freshly caught seafood and homegrown delicacies while overlooking the port.

If your charter passes through Sibenik, be sure to pay Pelegrini a visit. Also a staple in Michelin star guides, this relaxed restaurant from the street across the Cathedral of St. James crafts contemporary meat and fish items from the region’s finest ingredients. Both Pelegrini and 360˚ feature an impressive wine list, but those who want a more rustic wine tasting experience can head to the vineyards of Pula in the Croatian countryside.

Want to take home the flavors of the Med? Drop by town markets for fresh produce, pastries, sausages, kitchen essentials, or even homemade breakfast. There’s Pazar Market in Split, Bjelovar Market in Bjelovar, and Gundulićeva Poljanain in Dubrovnik.

#4 History is very much alive in Croatia.

Whether you’re meandering through the old town of Dubrovnik or Diocletian’s Palace in Split, Croatian cities effortlessly transport you back in time.

One place you shouldn’t miss is Sibenik, a historic city in central Dalmatia. It’s considered the oldest native Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea, and is home to two well-preserved UNESCO World Heritage Sites – The Cathedral of St. James and St. Nicholas Fortress – certainly, the perfect spot to delve deeper into Croatia’s storied history and admire Medieval architecture.

6 Reasons why Croatia is the Best Place to Spend your Yachting Holiday Exotic Philippines travel blog cebu travel vlogger

#5 It houses natural parks with pristine isles and reefs.

With more than 1,200 islands scattered across the Adriatic, Croatia offers a staggering collection of natural parks, each brimming with rich marine life and interesting landscapes.

Kornati National Park alone, off Zadar and Sibenik, features 89 unique islands with sandy beaches and unspoiled terrain across its 217 square kilometer expanse, making it a favorite among divers, hikers, and sailors.

Meanwhile, tourists who are into kayaking, bicycling, and swimming often go to Mljet National Park, a four-kilometer island ringed by two saltwater lakes. The park is famous for the 12th-century Benedictine monastery at its center, which has now been converted into a restaurant. It’s often warmer and sunnier in the park compared to the mainland, so tourists are guaranteed a pleasant swim.

#6 Croatian charter prices and activities are more affordable compared to other Mediterranean destinations.

Croatian charter prices are among the most competitive in Europe, and as far as off-shore activities (food, tours, night life) are concerned, a lot more affordable than other popular destinations in the Mediterranean. A small gullet with three cabins that sleeps eight starts at only €4,200 per week (or just a little over USD4,600). Luxury yachts that can fit more than 12 guests may also be availed at reasonable rates.

With a private luxury charter, you can choose whatever Croatian adventure you please - at a relaxed pace, surrounded by your favorite people and the incredible sights of the Adriatic Sea.

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