The Best Surfing Spots in the Philippines

The Philippines is the place to be next summer. With long sunny days and beautiful beaches, the destination is quickly reaching the same levels of popularity among tourists as other Southeast Asian countries, like Thailand and Vietnam.

For now, the Philippines remains an unspoilt tropical paradise with something to offer everyone. If you’re a keen surfer, there are some amazing spots to catch the waves so grab your gear from a Wetsuits UK supplier and get a trip booked.

Pagudpud, Ilcos Norte

You’ll find some of the islands biggest and best waves in Pagudpud. Imagine carving through the waves against an incredible mountainous background with no one else around. This is one of the least crowded surfing spots in the Philippines, so you’ll have plenty of time to relax and enjoy everything the area has to offer, including secluded sandy bays which are lined by tropical forest.

The Best Surfing Spots in the Philippines

Siargao Island

Avid surfers can’t miss the surfing capital of Philippines. Siargao Island has several popular surfing areas, where huge waves from the Pacific roll in. There is even international surfing competitions hosted here, so if you want to see the pros visit in September. Cloud 9 is a world-famous surfing site, the reef break is perfect for experienced surfers who want to tackle the barrels. With sharp reef beneath, Cloud 9 can be pretty scary but inexperienced surfers shouldn’t be put off visiting Siargo Island. Check out the sandy shallows or sign up to a surfing school.

San Juan, La Union

A quick bus ride away from Manila, San Juan is a popular surfing destination. Here, the waves are at their best during December and January so it’s a great location if you’re seeking some winter sun and surf. Beginners will be well looked after in San Juan and it’s very cheap to rent boards and book lessons, making it popular among backpackers and students. Plus, the close proximity to excellent hikes and waterfalls makes this is an all-round destination for travellers.

Baler, Aurora

No surfing trip in the Philippines is complete without checking out where the locals surf. Baler is known for excellent surfing as well as various other attractions, like hikes up Ermita Hill or seeing the historic town, so it’s very popular in the summer. The surfing in Aurora can be temperamental, and very dependent on the weather, but there are generally waves all year round.

Bagasbas, Camarines Norte

Again, close proximity to Manila is partly responsible for the popularity of this surfing spot. If you’re a beginner looking to improve your skills, the relatively calm waves on Bagasbas coast are ideal. Visitors can even stay in traditional beachside lodges, surfing from dawn until sunset in this slice of paradise.

By the end of your trip you’ll have improved your skills so much that you’ll be able to take on some of the most challenging waves.

There are plenty of other hidden gems and popular surfing resorts. Wherever you go in the Philippines, you’ll find a strong surfing community to welcome you.

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