City Break Alternatives to the USA

City breaks aren’t for everyone, but they can prove to be just as fruitful, if not more so, than a beach or resort break. For those that love the USA and everything it has to offer, applying for an ESTA at is nothing for the opportunity to spend some time amongst the hustle and bustle of American life. But what about those who want an alternative break?

Who don’t want to apply for Visas and mingle amongst the American citizens? We’ve pulled together some of the alternative cities to the USA for a city break.

Galway, Ireland

Galway isn’t so much an alternative to any particular American city, as it is a completely different experience. This little city in Ireland has Gaelic flare aplenty, filled with charming pubs and plenty of live music to enjoy – usually in the charming pubs.

This city is a beautiful one, with a harbour, bay and 18th century square to add that little bit of extra charm to the place. With shopping facilities galore and plenty of places to eat and drink, you can have a city break experience with a small town feel.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

For an alternative to the bright lights of New York, Toronto is your best bet. In fact, this Canadian city has played the part of New York in many a movie From Cocktail to Serendipity, filmmakers have swapped the streets of New York for those of Toronto, and you should too.

With plenty of neighbourhoods to explore, a diverse population and streets brimming with art, culture, live music and theatre, you don’t even have to think about the stunning skyline to convince yourself to take a trip here rather than the Big Apple.

Manila, Philippines

It would be impossible to say that Manila hasn’t been through a lot. From natural disasters to human-caused catastrophes, this Asian megacity has only grown stronger despite its hardships. This city is a stark contrast of rich and poor, with skyscrapers soaring high above shanty towns.

City Break Alternatives to the USA Manila philippines

The roads are filled with cars all day long, and like any other city, Manila also has its fair share of sight-seeing. What Manila can claim, however, is how close to tropical paradise it is. Driving outside of the city can take you to any number of the Philippines’ cultural hubs, with diving, kayaking and more available on a simple day trip.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo is quite possibly the best alternative to Miami. There is plenty about this location that makes it very similar, if not the same as Miami. From its nightlife and Latin feel, to the growing tourist industry, Montevideo could very well give Miami a run for its money before too long.

Its liberal culture is what it’s currently most known for, with marijuana legal here, and its array of vibrant music, theatre and art make for an alternative, and very different experience to a visit to Miami. You’ll even find that tea time is highly popular here!

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