Nagtabon Beach in Puerto Princesa - Beach Kept Secret

I love the beach. I love hearing the waves going to the shores, and making those sounds. I love that you feel so hot under the sun yet it surprises you that the water is cold. So, one of the things I’ve looked for in Puerto Princesa is a beach. Other than the islands that you’ll go island hopping to, and the island’s beach where else you can go and just relax on a beach.

Then I found out a secret by the locals of Puerto Princesa that a number of tourists are starting to get to know. I know that sharing this may not cause it to be not a secret anymore, but it’s kind of useless not to share it since it’s already on other blogs, and even on TripAdvisor.

I was not sure how to go there, I was also worried that there will be locals who doesn’t know it or don’t want to share it with us. But we’re lucky to have our tricycle driver who was really awesome in touring us around in Puerto Princesa in his cute pink tricycle.

From Puerto Princesa city, it will take you about an hour tricycle ride to get to Nagtabon beach. Channel actually fall asleep but I had fun watching the view, and shooting some clips for the vlog.

There’s no entrance fee at the beach, but the cottage will cost you. There are also some stores there now, and actually some foreigners had some lunch ordered there too. It also looks like that there are some locals starting to put up some accommodation there and other entertainment.

Nagtabon Beach in Puerto Princesa - Beach Kept Secret g dumaguing exotic philippines travel blogger cebu vlogger palawan blog

We just spent about an hour or 2 there. I was not in the mood to swim, maybe because I expected a lot from it, like it will be as awesome as Nacpan beach of El Nido and it was not - or there was not enough sunlight to show me how it can be beautiful. But it is a long stretch of beach, and very quiet.

I was able to document our trip to Nagtabon beach in Puerto Princesa, so if you want to feel like you’ve been there, then watch my vlog and don’t forget to subscribe in my channel.

If you like to visit Nagtabon beach yourself, then I ask you to take whatever trash you took with you.


  • Tricycle ride will cost you from P500 - P700 for the whole trip.
  • We were on the public side of the beach, and there’s a resort there I guess they have a better service there.
  • Don’t go in the middle of the beach. It is said to whirl, and it while on opposite direction, so when you’re in the middle it may take you away from the shore.

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