Why You Need To Flight Plan for Your Christmas Get Away

Flight planning is extremely important no matter where you are looking to go over the Christmas period. Knowing exactly where to fly, which air-spaces to go through, and whether there are any weather conditions that you may need to be wary of is all an important part of flight planning. 

In addition to this, you may even end up finding the most fuel-efficient journey when you carry out flight planning properly, so if you’re heading long haul to the Philippines, you are going to need to be prepared. We’ve put together a few reasons why having a flight plan is so important for your Christmas get away.

Why You Need To Flight Plan for Your Christmas Get Away


One of the most critical aspects of being a pilot is ensuring that your flight lands safely in its destination, and for a specific aircraft, the circumstances aren’t always going to be the same, meaning it is very important that you flight plan before you go. With a flight plan, you can make calculations in order to ensure that you remain safe throughout your journey. It essentially involves the process of mapping out and understanding all of the criteria, materials and routes of the flight, along with the airspace and the necessary altitude in which you must fly in order to stay safe and avoid collision with other aircrafts.

Fuel Planning

A flight plan is a great way to help cut down the costs of your flight to the Philippines, as long haul journeys can have a serious implication on your budget if you do not travel in a cost-effective manner. The development of computer technology has allowed more careful flight planning, with accurate calculations in a not-so time consuming way in order to provide precise and accurate expectations when it comes to fuel consumption for the journey. 

Knowing that your craft is going to have plenty of fuel in order to carry out the scheduled journey to the Philippines, as well as taking into account any emergency landings is important. With a flight plan, you can also factor in any pit stops that might need to be made in order re-fuel as, depending on where you’re flying from, you may find that the Philippines is too far a destination to do in one journey.

Bad Weather

While September and October are the typhoon season in the Philippines, you will find that it may continue to be rainy throughout December and the Christmas period. Because of this, it is important to ensure that you flight plan, so that you avoid any bad weather. Unpredictable weather patterns can wreak havoc, with sudden storms or high winds causing flights to fly at a lower or high altitude. This can also have an impact on the aircrafts fuel. In some cases, you may need to land at an alternate airport, which could disrupt your plans. 

However, having this in place for your flight plan, or at least having an option if needed, you will find that your journey will be far easier.

Flight planning can help to direct your aircraft to the Philippines accurately and direct, with the fastest route possible, which will also take into account bad weather and fuel to ensure your flight is also as cost-effective as possible, so you can get to your Christmas get away, hassle-free. 

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