Rico’s Lechon Mactan Opens!

 February 3, 2016 – Around 10:00 am Rico’s Lechon opens its latest branch in Lapu-Lapu City, just along the road going to the airport, making it easier for everyone who wants to try out the best lechon in town, Rico’s lechon.

I was able to try out Rico's lechon few years ago, I ordered online, paid online, and have it delivered at home. The lechon arrived earlier than I asked, which is really great, but because it was early and the rest of the family arrived about 2 hours later, it was not that as fresh as it should be.

So I’ve been really looking forward on eating the freshly cooked – hope I used the right word here. I’ve been to their branch before near Ayala, but when I recently tasted it, it was indeed the best. Of course the one that we’ve tasted was fresh, because we’re the first ones to try out and even opened with them their restaurant. I love the spicy lechon! I’m even thinking of having another one again for my next birthday, but I think I’ll dine in there instead.

So, if you are in a hurry to catch your flight, no worries, you can call ahead and have your lechon prepared ahead, but please do make sure you’re able to pick it up.

The restaurant also offers other dishes other than lechon, my favorite there so far is their bicol express, I also saw their other dishes but I was more focus on their lechon, so I’ll update you on their other dishes once I’ve revisited their restaurant – since they did gave me a gift certificate, hurray!
There are a lot of other news about lechon, they have a lot of new stuff going on to claim it, that they’re indeed the best – and I totally agree with them, they’re one of the best in town! And of course, to be able to serve everyone better, and let everyone who’s looking for the best lechon get a taste of their lechon.

I have some press releases to share with you, I’ve published it on my other site, just feel free to click on it.

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But as you might know, I’ve started my vlog, so I was able to take some videos on that day, it’s actually short, but at least you’ll be able to find out where it is, what to expect from them, and what their restaurant looks like. Here’s my vlog!

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Contact Rico’s Lechon through:
Rico's Lechon
(032)3440119 / (0999) 325 4528 / (0915) 703 3964 / (0933) 632 2248

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