30 Hotels and Resorts in Coron Palawan

I was in Coron on June of 2015, and I was able to try out 2 Coron accommodation and I was able to share a review per hotel with you guys. Both accommodations are recommended, but if you’re looking for other hotels in Coron to choose from, then I’d like to share with you the list of Coron hotels through this blog post.

Most of the Coron Palawan hotels and resorts included in the list have Wifi available, and restaurants, and only 12 hotels have their own swimming pool – but really you’ll be spending most of your time on the beach, on islands, so I’m not sure if you’re still up for a pool. But we made the most out of it and tried it just once out of 3 days we stayed at the hotel.

Included in the list, there are 13 Coron resorts, 6 hotels, 5 lodges, 2 inns, 2 guest house, 1 apartment, and 1 bed and breakfast in Coron.

Please take note that when you click on the name, you might be taken to a new window to view the details with the photos about the hotel.

Let me share with you the hotels I’ve tried in Coron Palawan.

Asia Grand View Hotel
Highly recommended for a romantic getaway.
The hotel view is indeed grand.

Sea Coral Lodge
Ideal for backpackers and travelers in a tight budget
Limited rooms.
Affordable and clean

The 30th Coron accommodation is of course the Sea Coral Lodge.

Tip on Choosing a hotel in Coron

If you want a comfortable place to stay, then go for hotels 3 star and above, like Asia Grand View hotel. It will be almost twice as the price in cheap hotels in Coron but you’re paying for the comfort.

If you’re in a tight budget, go for lodges, inns, like Sea Coral Lodge. They’re most likely clean, you can sleep well, not so big rooms, but serves the purpose. Plus, most of the budget hotels have wifi (which is the #2 must have for me in a hotel). I did not regret my stay at Sea Coral Lodge, I think my only complaint with the lodge is the bed, the foam is thin, but I slept well – what? I was tired in swimming all day.

I know there are other Coron accommodations that I am not able to include, so please feel free to leave their names and contact info through a comment at the bottom of this post. In this way, others will know that these hotels and resorts in Coron do exist.

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