Osmeña Peak Traverse to Kawasan Falls – With No Sweat!

Okay! I lied. There’re some sweat, but that’s the sweat for the hike going to Osmeña peak since you actually have to climb that peak. But the part I didn’t lie about is the traverse from Osmeña peak to Kawasan falls. Why? How did I do it?

Well, you all know that I’m a lazy girl. Well, obviously with my body size. I can’t do that hike thing for 5-6 hours as some of my friends who have done the Osmeña peak traverse to Kawasan falls. I can’t even last about 3 hours of walking at the mall, how much more at this traverse?

If you’re like me who knows who can’t survive that mode, but want to conquer Osmeña peak, and at the same time do a traverse to Kawasan falls on that same day. Then hear me out! I’ve got a secret solution for you!

Osmeña Peak Traverse to Kawasan Falls Exotic Philippines Travel Blogger Blog

First, grab your food please, and send it to me. (Just kidding!)

I won’t get into detail on how I got to Osmeña peak, since I already have a blog post all about it. Which you can read it here (click here to read).

Now, with that same single motorcycle, and instead of paying only P100/head going to Osmeña peak, we paid P500/head for Kuya to bring us after we hike to the Osmeña peak, to Kawasan falls.

Beware though, the drive is about 2 hours and they can just drop you at the Kawasan falls entrance. Which I’ve also blogged about our traverse to Kawasan falls, just click here if you want to read it.

Osmeña Peak Traverse to Kawasan Falls Tips

As your Cebu travel blogger let me share to you a couple of tips when doing the Osmena Peak traverse to Kawasan Falls trip!
  • Don’t do what we did. Though the motorcycle is bigger than the others there, it’s actually just ideal for 2 persons (including the driver) but maybe a maximum of 3 persons. But we done it with 4, some even dared to do 5 persons in one motorcycle. Don’t do it. Hire another driver or motorcycle for it, though 2 hours is not that long, your butt will surely hurt like… argh! Bloody hell! Not sure if at first if I am able to walk after that.
Osmeña Peak Traverse to Kawasan Falls Exotic Philippines Travel Blogger Blog
  • Get enough sleep. Why? Because the Trek to Osmeña Peak is tiring, and after that you might fall asleep, I almost did while going left, right, left, left, up, down, up, up with the motorcycle. Good thing we’re like sticking all together else, I could’ve fallen down there. You’ll love the refreshing air and you’re tired, you might really want to sleep during the trip from Osmeña Peak traverse to Kawasan Falls.

Osmeña Peak Traverse to Kawasan Falls Expenses

Now, I know you want to know the final and total expenses that I have for this whole trip. Great thing is that Janice is a record keeper, I mean she keeps track of everything and I don't. So here are our total expenses for me to share:

P 105 – Bus from South Bus Terminal to Dalaguete Junction
P 500 – Tricycle Ride to the Osmeña Peak Traverse to Kawasan Falls
P 40 – Breakfast at Mantalungon market
P 50 – Tip to the little girl guide at the peak
P 20 – Kawasan Falls Entrance Fee
P 300 – Cottage
P 200 – Food
P 105 – From Badian to Cebu City
P1,320 – Total Expenses
$20- Janice’s fee

Please take note though that you can split the cottage fee and split or save some food expenses if you share or bring your own. The expenses above are my lazy mode, didn’t bring any food, or drinks, did bring some water but I ran out.

If you also decided not to have Janice, (best if you do) just remove the $20 fee.

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