Bohol’s Tarsier – Meeting the Cute but Strange Small Creature

Bohol Tarsier

One of the things I was excited about when WithLocals sent me to Bohol Philippines is that, the opportunity to finally meet this cute and strange creature in Bohol that we all know as the Tarsier. I’ve been to Bohol before this, when I was still little but as far as I remember we were not able to go to the Tarsiers. But I was able to meet the monkey at the Chocolate Hills before.

I was picked up by the WithLocals host that I verified on that day, and his name is Nelson. He has his own mini-van, and along with his wife they tour me around Bohol for only $40.82 per person for the whole day tour. And one of the destinations that are included is going to the Tarsier Permittee Corp. where the Tarsiers are protected.

As you enter the place, you'll be able to see this.

Bohol Tarsier

People lining up. That's if you're visiting on season. Line up there since you need to pay for the entrance fee to be able to see the Tarsiers in person.

Let's zoom in so that you'll know the pricing details for the entrance fee.

Bohol Tarsier

Basically, for students and senior citizens, they'll get P10.00 discount.

Next stop will be taking a short orientation. The instructions is simply these:

Bohol Tarsier

Please do follow the instructions, do not touch them, don't be too noisy and don't use your camera flash. I've heard that they'll get a heart attack and die. 

Once you're done taking the orientation, you have to go up and there are guides standing by some areas to show you where to go. That day, they're wearing red shirt and I was not able to take photos of them, because when I say you have to go up, I mean up the mountain and before we went to the tarsiers we just got back from the Chocolate Hills so I really did have a full cardio on this day.

Anyway, as you climb up you'll see huge leaves that is covering something, and that something is actually the tarsiers. You might want to check it since they're really small and do blend in with the brown leaves, just like this little guy.

Bohol Tarsier

I didn't noticed him at first since I didn't get it why the kids was really happy and look fond of looking at the brown big leaf - I was like, "you've never seen a big brown leaf kid?". But yeah, I was wrong, there's the little guy. Guess I need some glasses or they're that tiny.

Since there are these Korean family looking at the little guy above, the guide waved at me and point to another leaf. So I followed the guide and tadah!

Bohol Tarsier

I really find this one so cute, he's shy - not sure if it is a he or she here!

Let's zoom in again and see how cute and shy he is.

Bohol Tarsier

I saw him looking at me and I was like "ohhh...."

Didn't spend much time there, I was just there for about 20 minutes and we walked down to exit the area but I really love the place. Look!

Bohol Tarsier

I feel like I'm Tarzan - or should I be Jane?

You'll exit to somewhat an area where you can buy these.

Bohol Tarsier

Sorry if it's blurry because it's a bit dark and I was walking taking the photo. But yeah, they're souvenirs. They're not real tarsiers okay? There are bags, figurines, and a lot more.

And look! Just found the love of my life!

Though it was just for a short period of time, it was fun and a great feeling to finally meet these little guys. But then you must respect them and think of their safety.

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