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The best way to get to know a place is being like the local. See what the locals see, eat what the locals eat and do what the locals do. And honestly, this is one of the things I love to do when I travel outside the country (alone or with someone) but then it’s hard to find someone whom we can trust to give us that (at least) a peak of what it’s like to live in their country.

But then, I came across this site called WithLocals.com wherein you can find and book a tour, activity, and get the chance to eat like the locals – be like the locals. Some of these hosts (can) even offer you their homes so that you could experience the kind of life that they have, plus compare to travel agencies I think the hosts services there are cheap.

What you can find at WithLocals.com?

As of now, there are 7 Asian countries that you can find locals on the site, and I’ve heard that they’ll actually be adding the Philippines this summer – Oh! I think my Mama would love this. So, let me share to you a couple of things I found on the website that might interest you.

Eating with the Locals

It does not only mean that you eat with them, most of them will actually cook a dish for you. Some will already include a homestay and some includes entertainment, including a story teller – a great way to get to know the place and the people.

Most of these locals will be serving food at their home, in their dinner table, that’s why some also offer their homes for you. Most of the dishes they served are home cooked meals and some are actually chefs but mostly just ordinary people who can cook a good local dish for you. You might be also be dining with their family as well, and know how the family is like too.

Tour with the Locals

Want to save a lot on your travel but want to have a tour around the place? At least have a budget of $10 and you can have a city tour, like one offered in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Or maybe get to see the dolphins in Denpasar, Indonesia.

Activities with the Locals

It’s more fun if you add some activities on your visit, what’s great is that you can also find activities on the site. From trekking at the Japanese Lost trail in Sabah, Malaysia to Snorkeling at Menjangan Island or jumping at the waterfalls at Bali Indonesia, they sure have it.

If you’re still fully recharged after all the tours, food and activities, and you’re also up to try the night life there are locals who can also help you out to have a night life the locals – Brian from Vietnam (below) even includes drinks and a dedicated photographer for you to “Party in Style”.

There are a lot more things to discover on the site and this might be a great tool for travellers and backpackers who wish to save and experience Asia in a unique but great way.

What I’ve mentioned above are most likely the things I would love to try and book one day if an opportunity comes. Would love to share the experiences that I’ll have through the blog one day, and review the hosts that I will try – hopefully make a video too!

Photo Credits: WithLocals.com

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