What do Adventure Sailing Packages Include?

Adventure Sailing Packages
Nowadays you can get anywhere you want quickly by air. Years ago, however, most traveling was done by ship. This would take days, weeks or even months to get where you wanted to go. Many today choose to travel by boat not as a means to get somewhere, but as the vacation in itself. Adventure sailing is becoming very popular, in this article we will discuss what is usually included in most adventure sailing packages.

The cost of the vacation will depend largely on where and the length of time you will be sailing. At first glance most people are surprised by the prices, however, you need to consider that all of your food is included, which can save you money in the long run.

Your cabin is also included in the price. True it isn’t as roomy and comfortable as a hotel room, however remember that you are on an ‘adventure’. The cabins include in the least clean linen sheets, a bed and pillow. What more do you need? After all you won’t be in your cabin for very long, after a good nights rest you will surely want to enjoy the boat.

It is important that you remember that even though food is included, drinks are not. You pay for any and everything you drink. If you want to get around this extra cost you might want to bring your own drinks i.e. bottled water, pop or wine.

Another thing that is included is a competent skipper and his crew. If your crew is in a good mood they will probably even be willing to teach you something about sailing. If this appeals to you, you may be able to help them out with the actual sailing part of the adventure. Who knows you might like it and start sailing as a new hobby.

Sometimes you will need to pay a safety deposit or insurance before sailing. Wether or not this is necessary will largely depend on the size of the boat. The fees will be returned after you finish the adventure sail.

The fuel for the trip is also included in the price. True you will be on a sail boat, however, there isn’t always enough wind to keep you going. When this is the case the crew will need to use the motors in order to keep the boat moving and keep up your schedule.

One big difference between adventure sailing and large cruise ships is that airfare and airport transfers are not included. So you will be expected to make those arraignments on you own.

Remember that your ‘adventure’ will be dependent on the whether. If the whether is bad the trip will need to be postponed and set for later on.

We hope this has helped you understand what is included in an adventure sailing package. However, since all companies are unique, it is best to look closely at their brochures or communicate well with your travel agent before you make your plans. Make sure you agree with all of their terms before making your final reservation.

Now that you know what is included in an adventure sailing package it should be easier for you to pick one. Once you choose a destination all that is left to do is pack your bags and start your adventure!

After your vacation is over, if you really enjoyed it, why not plan another one! Most chartering companies sail to several destination with in the same year, so if you really liked them you don’t even have to wait until the following year to go again!

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