Pet Travel - Animals in Action

Pet Travel - Animals in Action

Pet travel could be an extremely enjoyable experience and what much better way for you and as well as your faithful companion to discover the new places and experience great adventures? 

Now, before anybody tries to travel with their pet they need to be really ready for this, it is because pets can't do preparations for on their own and you'll have to get it done in behalf of your pet.

So here are some pet travel tips and advice that you need to know prior to taking your pet along with your journey.

Your Pet’s Situation

You ought to be conscious of one's pet’s health conditions before traveling. You need to visit your veterinarian to examine and check your pet’s health to ensure that it is capable to travel with you. One of my dog, Kiara has motion sickness, even if we’re just riding the car for less than a minute she starts to get dizzy and when we arrive to our destination, she vomits and starts to feel weak. So I don’t take her with me in pet related events even it’s just few minutes away, she just gets to leave the house when we’ll be visiting her vet.

So make sure that your pet has all of the needed vaccinations and wellness certificates so they won’t get any health problems and won’t get any virus or get sick.

Your Pet in a Car

If you have your pet in a car, you need to have it inside a carrier or perhaps a pet seat belt. Don’t let your pet stay its head from the window since there’s a chance that it might get to hit by something and if the weather is really hot, then turn on the air condition. 

You also need to have a number of breaks to allow your pet take a pee or poop and by no means, never leave and let your pet be unattended in your car or even in the shaded area for the vehicle may over-heat and your pet may get dehydrated.

Things to Bring on a Pet Travel

Food - You need to feed your pet the brand name you usually feed and steer clear of all of a sudden change in their diet plan. So, if you're uncertain in which you are going that they may have the brand name, deliver some meals.

Water - Bring about 2 - 3 gallons of water.

Leash - Two leashes along with an additional collar.

Photo - There's been occasions when pets are lost when traveling with their owners so it's also advisable to bring a photo of your pet so that you could show it to people who can help you find your pet in case it get lost.

Pet toys – they easily get bored. They’re like kids so they need something that they could do while on a travel.

First Aid Kit – just like us we also need to bring the first aid kit for the dogs.

Pet comb/brush – to keep your pet well groomed and attractive.

Pet clothes – bring some pet clothes especially if you’re visiting a cold place, they need to get warm too.

The overall guidance in this post will probably be useful to anybody who would like to travel together with his or her pet.

In addition, here's some of pet travel photos that I really loved and enjoy much. I hope you'll like it too!

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