Why Book in Advance Your Vacation Rentals?

I think it's quite a bit late to post this since I know summer is already over. But for future references, let's find out the reasons why we should book in advance our vacation rentals.

As some of you may know, Exotic Philippines have it's own HOTEL search engine where in you can find best hotels for your holiday. May it be in the Philippines or not, you'll surely be able to search it through our search engine.

It does not only search hotels, but you can also COMPARE hotel booking prices from different online booking websites like Expedia, Lastminute,etc. I'm also adding more futures but I'm still working on it. But one of the additional service that we'll have here in the blog is the CAR FOR HIRE. You can actually find it already on the home page at the top of the latest posts.

Anyway, to go on with our topic check out this very cool and informative infographic wherein you'll be able to read and find out why we should book in advance our vacation.

I totally agree with everything that is said above. That is to save money, have a piece of mind, save your time and less hassle for you.

A lot of businesses offers cheaper price for their service if you book it in advance, airlines here like Cebu Pacific has promos that is with a travel period of at least 6 months when they're selling the seat sale. It's totally cheap!

But what I'm thinking twice about it is that what if you'll be in a situation wherein you have to cancel your trip, like family emergency or business meetings. 

I know you can either sell your ticket but what if there's no one to buy it? OMG!

How about you? Do you have any reasons to share why we should plan and book our holiday rentals in advance?

share it with us....

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