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Thursday, September 5, 2013

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2 Top Festivals In Pampanga Philippines

Gay Aida Dumaguing - Thursday, September 05, 2013
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Pampanga Philippines

If you’re planning a trip to Pampanga Philippines soon, then you’ll probably want to know about the hottest and most fun festivals in the area. It just so happens that Pampanga Philippines is a really fun place to take the family for some quality time together. Throughout the year there are many fun festivals and great holidays to share. Below are two of the most famous festivals in Pampanga.

The Frog Festival (Pyestang Tugak)

In October, in the city of San Fernando Pampanga, the people get together to celebrate their fun traditions with frogs. Pyestang Tugak, or the Frog Festival, incorporates frog catching, arts and crafts, frog-like food, and something called the frog Olympics, in which the youth get to train their frogs to performs in events. Needless to say, frog lovers would love this event, and it’s something the whole family can enjoy in the Philippines.

The Sisig Sour-Sucking Festival

In December, Angeles City celebrates their love for sour things by preparing sisig, which is when half ripened fruits or meats are dipped in salt and vinegar for sour consummation. While sisig is prepared all year, there is a special festival for it in December called the Sisig Festival. Chefs from all over the world come to compete in the sisig cooking contest. The contest is so famous that even fast food chains have won the contest with their great entrees. If you like sour food, this is a festival not to be missed.

Whether you are looking for some fun with the frogs in the springtime, or want to savor the sour delicacies in early winter, Pampanga Philippines has the festival for you. Take the family to enjoy a huge part of Pampanga culture, and create memories that you can enjoy for the rest of your lives.

 Photo Credit: Stitchcc
Gay Aida Dumaguing

Written by Gay Aida Dumaguing

A 28 years old Filipina traveler and food lover from Cebu Philippines who also works part time as a SEO specialist, Social Media Manager, and Ambassador.

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