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Friday, February 15, 2013

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Why Send Flowers on Valentine’s Day?

Gay Aida Dumaguing - Friday, February 15, 2013
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Valentine’s Day Flowers

Why you must give your loved one Valentine’s Day flowers. For a huge selection of years Valentine’s Day continues to be celebrated by lovers almost everywhere. Exactly where did this way of life start out anyway, and why exchange Valentine’s Day flowers and candies with one another?

Effectively, I've performed some looking and I've encounter some exciting stories that go in conjunction with this tradition. A few of these stories may possibly be correct and other people may possibly be exactly what their meant to be-stories. Right here can be a brief version of what might have genuinely been the starting of sending Valentine’s Day flowers on Valentine’s Day.

Why St. Valentine so significant?

Regarding eight hundred years prior to Valentine’s Day was established, a man named Claudius was in energy in Rome. He believed that marriage was a negative issue since it created poor soldiers out of men. So, he had forbidden marriage from his empire. St. Valentine didn't accept as true with this rule, so he secretly marries couples that reached him. St. Valentine was caught and quickly following he was stoned after which beheaded.

Valentine Traditions

In Wales wooden love spoons have been designed and provided as gifts on February 14th. Hearts, keys and keyholes had been favored decorations around the spoons. The decoration recommended, "You unlock my heart!"

Inside the middle ages, young men and women drew names from the bowl to view who their Valentine’s will be. They'd put on these names on their sleeves for one week. To put on your heart in your sleeve now implies that it truly is quick for other people to understand how you might be feeling.

In certain nations, a young woman might obtain a gift of clothes from a young man. If she keeps the gift, it indicates she's going to marry him.

A number of people made use of to think that if a woman noticed a robin flying expense on Valentine's Day, it recommended she had marry a sailor. If she noticed a sparrow, she would marry a poor man and be really pleased. If she saw a goldfinch, she would marry a huge success.

A love seat is really a wide chair. It had been first produced to seat a woman and her wide dress. Afterwards, the love seat or dating seat had two pieces, generally in an S-shape. Within this way, a couple could sit collectively -- yet not as well closely!

Irrespective of what exactly is accurate and what's myth, Valentine’s Day has grown to be large business for the flower, card, and candy companies. A lot of exist only due to this one (1) day a year. In case your and man and possess a wife or girlfriend, and also you let Valentine’s Day go by without the need of finding her flowers or candy, you are going to become in massive difficulty. So get my assistance, but a majority of work to your gift as well.

A very carefully selected V-Day card can take you a extended way and take it from a woman you will never know even so, Valentine’s Day flowers are nonetheless your finest bet. If you are fortunate adequate to possess a person who loves you on V-Day, then you definitely should really show him or her just how much they imply to you.

Those that give Valentine’s Day flowers may possibly be a massive money producing machine because of these companies but, today makes it possible for these from time to time aren't constantly in a position to show their loved ones just how much they care. Valentine’s Day flowers tend to make it a lot easier for everybody to show their love and love towards the ones that love them.

Do I Celebrate Valentines Day?

It's called VALENTINES because of a saint, and as you may know I'm not a Catholic who has saints and I don't believe in them - no offense to others. So obviously, my answer is NO, I don't celebrate valentines day but I do get flowers, gifts or even cards form time to time but the past years, I'm hiding on this month because people are too sweet to each other. This post here in Exotic Philippines blog, is just someone my tip for the boys who wants to gain points to that special girl.

But guys and gals, hopefully, valentines day or not it would be best to let that special someone feel your true love, not just all talk - actions speaks louder than words you know.
Gay Aida Dumaguing

Written by Gay Aida Dumaguing

A 28 years old Filipina traveler and food lover from Cebu Philippines who also works part time as a SEO specialist, Social Media Manager, and Ambassador.

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