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A Man's Guide to Diamonds

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A Man's Guide to Diamonds

As I've mentioned on my posts few days ago, the "Wedding Etiquette 101" post where I've said that it was my sister's wedding few weeks ago. So as part of the continuation of the topic, and I believe this might be helpful for guys in choosing a diamond ring for your special someone.

No worries guys, you're not the only one who's having that DIAMOND RING CRISIS where you can't decide which is which to give to your girl. I'm not much of a fan (yet) of rings since I always forget things, and I don't want to forget where I put a diamond ring so this infographic below opened the feminine side of me.

So to guys who are planning to propose to their girl and have been looking for a diamond ring, then check this out!

A Man
The A Man's Guide to Diamonds infographic.

9 Couples Diamonds

The smart and wise groom to be is a type of person that does his research before purchasing his fiancee a diamond ring! There are many designs and cuts to pick from than in the past. It’s inadequate to be intelligent in regards to the four Cs of diamonds - cut, colour, clearness and carats. Here are all kinds of diamond cuts and settings you could choose.

The most famous style is still the rounded dazzling. It’s among the earliest cuts ever designed and now depends on exact mathematical equations to make a stone with fire and beauty that the most ancient gem cutters could have only thought of.

However, many brides desire something distinctive. There are lots of typical cuts to pick from. A pear-shaped is just that - broader on one side in comparison to the other. Or she can go for an oval, emerald or heart-shaped diamond. There are many cuts with exclusive faceting, just like the square princess-cut diamond.

A number of cuts are trademarked, like the piercing Ashoka diamond or the Asprey & Garrard Eternal cut diamond. Other sorts of well-known and trademarked cuts like the Elara is a square-cut diamond with curved corners while the Asscher a square diamond with rounded facets giving a peculiar sophistication to the diamond. On the other hand, the Couples diamond is faceted to uncover perhaps a circle of hearts or arrows on the inside. It’s a undeniably unique diamond that demands genuine cutting for the image to turn up properly.

The value of a diamond raises drastically with its carat. A one -carat diamond costs a lot more than 10 10-point diamonds, and a two-carat diamond is more expensive than twice just as much as a one-carat diamond (granted equal level of quality in other areas).

A good way to improve a ring is with elaborations like baguettes or trillions. A baguette is a small emerald-shaped diamond which can be put on either sides of the primary stones, and a trillion is a triangle-shaped diamond which is a good augmentation to the middle stone.


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